Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Zone Conference in Bloemfontein

Zone Conferences begin! This is the first of three this week!

 Leadership meeting just prior to the conference.

 Anyone who has ever been around Elder Roberts can't help but be in awe. He has taught seminary and institute for 42 years! His love for the gospel coupled with his enormous enthusiasm is contagious! He can't help but capture his audience and keep them enamored by everything he teaches. One of the most fun and smart men I've ever met! Thank you Elder Roberts for your knowledge and love for the gospel you shared at the conference. You are amazing! Many of the elders expressed a desire to forget their P-day and spend it with you - I can see why!

 A Book of Mormon activity and competition!

 These ladies run this mission! Can't imagine what we would all do without them!

 Elder Roberts!

 I believe everyone can attest that when Elder Grange stood at the end of our conference and told us that he was "changed" coupled with his testimony, that the spirit spoke strong to all in attendance.
Thank you Elder!

This group sang with power and conviction! It sounded awesome!


  1. Thank you for posting pictures. It put a smile on my face!

  2. I also thank you for your wonderful words and pictures!