Saturday, September 3, 2016

Animals of South Africa

Today we saw a bunch of very cool animals! This is the first preparation day we've taken since being here! We drove through a private game reserve about 45 minutes west of Durban.

 I think these are called Springbok





 White Rhino - they were huge!

 Look at those eyes! Not sure what this animal is.



 There were lots of these plants!

 These were very large cactus trees!

 Not sure what this animal is, but it was huge! At fist I thought it was a giraffe. These pictures don't do its size justice!

 This animal was with the two above. HUGE! I think if I stood next to it, I would only be as tall as it's leg!

 I had hoped to see giraffe! There were about six! So regal!


 This was a tall bird. It looked like something out of a cartoon!

Beautiful bird!

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