Wednesday, December 21, 2016


We started the party with skits while we still wait for our Lesotho Elders!

 Our missionaries are very creative and funny!

 And entertaining!

 The audience loves the skits!

 How do they think of these things?

Keeping hydrated!

 Elder Roberts has incredible enthusiasm - it is very contagious!
He and Sister Roberts had the Elder's divide into 12 groups to sing The Twelve Days of Christmas. After singing the song thru, with each group singing their assigned number - each group switched out the words with things pertaining to the mission.  They ranged from bakkies (these are trucks in the U.S.), to allotments, to "k"s (that is what the missionaries called their miles put on cars). I was in the group with the number 12, and we replaced 12 drummers drumming to: 12 Weeks of Training!
The missionaries seemed to have a lot of fun with this song!

After this song, our Elders from Lesotho finally arrived!!!

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