Thursday, November 9, 2017

Three Zones in One Today

Last Zone Conference of our Mission Tour

Hillcrest, Durban, and Richards Bay Zones

 Leadership meeting is always one hour before the conference. Here are our District Leaders, Zone Leaders, Assistants, and Trainers

 Elder Hamilton led the discussion and talked about leadership. There is no hierarchy or ladders to climb in church callings. We are constantly getting moved around and having new callings. One is not more important than another, and one does not get you into the celestial kingdom.

 Our Conference begins

 Time for a break!

 Our missionaries are headed to the cultural hall for a snack and drink!

 President Thompson and Elder Hamilton answer questions

 Elder Reed delivers a powerful testimony

 Elder Moore offers his testimony

 Elder Diehl bears witness! 

 Elder Legas offers a powerful witness

 Elder Mshweshwe bears testimony

 Elder Christensen offers testimony

 Lunch time!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Newcastle Zone Conference

Elder Hamilton spoke at our Zone Conferences this week with powerful messages of gospel principles!

 Elders Chico, Harbertson, Russell

 Elders Russell, Fullmer, Adlard

 Elders Van Zyl, Futter, Knutsen

 Attentive and engaging as Elder Hamilton speaks!

 We were spiritually fed!

 Elder Simayile shares testimony

 Elder Langai bears his witness!

 Elder Krugar shares his testimony

 Elder Cox bears his powerful testimony!

 Elder Mustapha

 Elder Langai - lunch!

 Elder Apie

 Elder Walker

 Elder Jewkes

 Elder Van Zyl

 Elder Kumar - hamburgers, potato salad, chips, drink, and ice-cream bars for lunch!

 Elder Apie

 Elder Bir is excited for lunch!

 Elder Chico

 Elder Russell

 Elder Roman is giving this lunch a thumbs up!

 Elder Fullmer

 Elder Adlard

 Elders Miller and Phillips

 Elders Langai, Roman, Harbertson

 Elder Miller - one of our new missionaries!

 Getting ready for photos!

 Elder Carter

Elder Futter