Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Newcastle District Conference #2

Our Sunday conference was held at a primary school in Madadeni. After this meeting we drove 1-1/2 hours to Ezakheni to hold another conference. The reason it is split:  because the distance is difficult for many members to attend. Most do not have cars and taxi's can be expensive!

 Setting up for the conference.

 Our home teachers from Alpine came to visit. They wanted to come here to serve a mission, but got called to Colorado. They squeezed coming to Durban before they go to the MTC.

 Elders setting up chairs!

 Our District President with children of the district.

 The choir members are arriving and practicing before the conference.

 Starting to fill the seats!

 This couple was baptized last week in Ozesweni.

 Elder Katimbo has the most beautiful smile, but he wanted a serious pose.

 Our fabulous missionaries!

 Saying goodbye!

 These two photos were taken at the Madadeni Chapel after the leadership and adult meetings of the conference.

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