Friday, January 13, 2017

Zone Conference News

It has been decided that we will be holding Zone Conferences (and personal interviews with President Thompson) every six weeks instead of every twelve! Just from one end of our mission to the other (Richards Bay to Kimberly) is approximately 600 miles! It will mean a lot of traveling for President and I, but our missionaries are worth it!

We are glad at this new directive, as we have discovered that our missionaries come away from the conferences with greater motivation, insights, and unity, but that same vigor doesn't seem to last for the full twelve weeks. By meeting more often, we hope to give our missionaries the renewed motivation they feel from Zone Conference to carry out this important work - plus it gives us a chance to see our missionaries more often!

President and I are all about "building" this year. Our vision for 2017 is Building for Eternity! We hope to implement this vision in all that we do, and hope our missionaries will adopt this in all aspects of their work and personal lives!

We are thrilled at this opportunity!

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  1. This made me tear two are inspired and amazing. Thanks for all you do for our sons! We pray for you and President regularly. ❤️