Friday, February 17, 2017

Team Dinner

Last transfer we started a team dinner for the zone leaders. It was a huge success, so we have decided to do it again! We've brought all 12 zone leaders together, and the assistants, the day before MLC (Mission Leadership Council) to participate in a team dinner. President and I provide the ingredients, divide them up into groups of three and let them decide on a main dish, a dessert, and a couple of side dishes.
 While waiting for everyone to arrive, a few missionaries discuss their zones.

 President gives the leaders a quick assignment!

 They get to work!

 Team efforts are amazing!

Look at the creativity! So cool!

 Unfortunately we don't have space for everyone to be seated in the same room, so we set out the food, and the missionaries find a place to eat their delicious creations!
I'm still surprised that no one asks for a recipe! They just create!

 The missionaries are always so kind to dish the first plate for me!

 Amazing food!  We have some very good chefs! As good as any restaurant!

After we eat, we discuss the team work that went into making the meal, and how it applies to our missionary work! These young men have incredible insights!


  1. This is such a great idea! I cant believe how creative they get!

  2. Seeing all those boys in aprons is "power"!