Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Bloemfontein & Lesotho Zone Conference

Before the conference a few of our Elders play the piano!

 Zone Leaders were in charge of this Zone Conference. They chose speakers, topics, made arrangements, picked songs, prayers, conducted, and made the daily agenda! They did a great job and exemplified great leadership!

 Leadership meeting an hour prior to Zone Conference!

 Our Elders are arriving!

 Choosing seats!

 Pizza always is a big hit! We also got cut veggies, watermelon, and cantaloupe!

 Yes - we have missionary angels!

 The Chandlers last Zone Conference! We are going to miss them. They made a huge impact on Lesotho!

 Photo bombing your companion!


 Saying goodbye after the conference! Such a great group!

 A goodbye dance

 A powerhouse missionary!

 Another powerhouse!

 Yet another!

 And another!

 I love all the Elders! 

 Such a great smile!

Great leader!

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  1. Of course goofy Elder North - In the group photo while everyone is making faces he keeps his serious! Love that goofball.