Sunday, April 9, 2017

Quotable Quotes

I wanted to capture the spirit of our missionaries this round of Zone Conferences by keeping notes of what was said.  Here is a sampling of quotes by our missionaries as they discussed our theme of "Yielding our hearts to God":

"We have the opportunity to make a huge difference for people, and for ourselves, by opening up our spiritual lives and recognizing that small and simple choices make the biggest difference."
Elder DePriest

"To preach boldly we must have the spirit, words alone are not enough."
Elder Rasmussen

"Teaching investigators is like the cinnamon challenge: if we teach all things at once, they can’t ingest it. We must help them understand bit by bit."
Elder Simomondo

"Missionary work is a part of the meaning of our existence and principle upon which we exist – we are here to bring love, light, truth, and Christ to all people."
Elder Bateman

"True success doesn’t always come from the baptisms, but from our efforts and aligning our will with the Father."
Elder Henley

"Strive to be confident before God by living righteously."
Elder Ngulube

"There is no comfort in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone” 
Elder Reed 

"God gives us a witness, and missionaries stand as a witness to God in all places as we live worthily."
Elder Bringgold

"Unity and obedience are aligned when we are on the same path with Christ. Blessings of obedience will pour out on us as we obey what we are taught and brings us the maximum joy."
Elder Smith

"Remember who you are! Know who you’ll become! When we focus on the rules it prevent us, but when we focus on the good and serving others, it is power."
Elder Diehl

"When we put Christ in our lives, we change our desires, actions, and natures into a greater desire to be obedient, to have a greater trust in God, to have more faith in God, and here we will find the greatest strength."
Elder Homer

"We show love when we focus on strengths of others." 
Elder Simonson

"We should not focus on imperfections, but magnify the correct things we do.We should be cheerful in what we do, to have the spirit with us and to motivate us."
Elder Woodland

"If we truly prepare for specific things and for what is in our hearts throughout the day, it will be on our minds when we pray."
Elder Ottley

"Work hard enough, pray enough, and be bold. We need to have conviction in order to teach conviction. With conviction we will teach with authority."
Elder Weiler

"It’s impossible to do it all ourselves, so we need to rely on God. Every night ask god to help you change your heart. We can’t have one foot at home and one foot in the mission."
Elder Adlard

"We need to have a change of heart, and develop faith, which is an action word. Then, its easy to follow the rules of the handbook. Our desire has to be effective to succeed in everything we do." 
Elder Mulabe

"We need to help people and not label them."
Elder Baumgartner

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