Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Elder Rasband for Stake Conference

Not only were we blessed for Elder Rasband to come on Saturday
for a Priesthood Leadership, and Missionary Meeting, but
on Sunday, the Durban Stake and Hillcrest Stake were privileged
to have an apostle of the Lord speak and edify all of us!

Elder Rasband was "power"!
(one of our missionary's coined this phrase once and it has stuck!)

 Elder Rasband in the background is shaking hands with anyone who wanted
to meet him. We had a little over 1,100 people in attendance!

 President Thompson and I were most privileged to
be with Elder Rasband for the two days he was in Durban.
He is truly inspired, and he spoke about topics that were
poignant and applicable to our saints in this part of the world!
Total inspiration!

 The line of people waiting to shake Elder Rasband's hand. This is only
a small snapshot of people that moved through!

Such a wonderful spiritual feast was offered.
Many of our missionaries came away with a
greater motivation and desire to serve with
more diligence and faith than ever before!
Thank you Elder Rasband!

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