Friday, June 16, 2017


We had transfers on Wednesday morning. We had three rounds, where
missionaries started driving at 5:30 AM with Elder and Sister Wood.
We sent breakfast tacos with them. The second round at the mission
home started at 9:00 AM, and the final round at 4:00 PM.
Planning logistics is time consuming for our Assistants - but
they do a great job with the help of Elder Wood.

 Elder Bennison is one of our faithful missionaries leaving!
He gets to say goodbyes during transfers!

 Elder North will also be leaving us!

 Elder Lowe will be a new zone leader!

 Elder Diehl, Elder Bennison, and Elder Takau

 Elder Jantjies (pronounced yankees), Elder Lowe, & Elder Jones

 Elder Liechty

 Elder Schraedel

 Elder Beck

 Elder Bringgold

I try to get a straight picture, but
Elder Rasmussn loves pulling faces!

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