Sunday, July 30, 2017

Historic for South Africa Durban Mission

Today we created the Ladysmith District. Paul De Klerk has been called, sustained, and set apart as the new District President with President Ngcobo (former Branch President of Ezakheni) as first counselor.

A new Branch President for Ezakheni was also called, sustained, and set apart: Brian Manqele

Also, there were two new branches created in Lesotho today, with three new branch presidents called, sustained, and set apart under the direction of President Sematlane.

This weekend, brethren and sisters came together in Lesotho to translate the Book of Mormon into the language of Sesotho.

Upcoming in August, another district will be formed. The Phuthaditjhaba District will include Phuthaditjhaba and Bethlehem. In addition, a cluster (almost a branch) will be formed near Bethlehem, and another cluster in Phuthaditjhaba.

Miracles are rolling forth as we see the growth continue to rise throughout the mission. Last week, we had 27 baptisms on one day!

We continue to solicit your prayers for our missionaries and for the people of South Africa. As the temple is being built, many blessings will permeate this land. So many people are searching for truth and happiness. Not only should we pray that our missionaries find those ready to receive the gospel, but we pray for those ready people to seek out the missionaries! During our forty-day mission fast in February, we prayed for this scenario, and shortly after we had 72 unsolicited people just show up to church. Miracles are abounding and we are privileged to witness them here in the South Africa Durban Mission. But, we have a lot more work to do!

We are privileged to be a part of the history of this land!


  1. I love your blog. I'm so grateful that you have one. This is all great news. We do pray for all your missionaries we started before our son even joined you. This is the Lords work and He is blessing the people and the missionaries. We will pray more for the people to seek out the missionaries. Thank you for your service.

  2. WOW!! This is amazing! So thrilled for you and President Thompson, that you can be a part of this. Also I am so happy for the people in these wonderful branches and districts, who are so faithful and valiant!

  3. We were so excited about this news for the Ladysmith District. What a blessing for these wonderful branches and their travel to meetings and to have President DeKlerk and President Ngcobo is so great. We also love Brian Bongokosi Manqele. He is such a spiritual giant. Thank you for all you continue to do.

  4. We remember these areas so well. Having presided over Newcastle District, Lesotho branches (3) and Phuthatijhaba group, it is great to see these Saints progress. Many familiar faces in the Lesotho pictures! We remember the DeKlerks and their hardships and sacrifices.
    Wonderful news all around...thx