Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Hillcrest and Richards Bay Zone Conference

 Elder Pantoe, Elder Holmes

 Elders Burlaka, Speranza, Harp

 Waiting for Zone Conference to start

 Elder Isooba (ZL) conducts

 Elder Macapala (ZL) teaches us

 Elder Parisot (ZL) instructs us

 Elder Parisot, Elder Warner

 Elder Abel 

 Elder Parisot greeting Elder Harbertson

 Elder Ah Sam

 Elders Huff, Nuusa, Groesbeck

 Elder Pantoe

 Elder Bodnar

 Elders taking down tables after lunch!

 Elder Abel

 Elder Bernard, Elder Youngman

 Elder Morales

 Elder Holmes is with us for a short while until he goes to his mission in Zimbabwe

 Elders Isooba, Moyo

 Elder Warner

 Elder Nuusa (ZL) is amazing

 We played a matching game to learn and improve good manners!

 Elder Maukavele

 Elder Speranza playing the matching game

 Elder Morales gets a match!

 Elder Parisot got a match!

 Elder Burlaka 

 Elder Flake finds a match!

 Elder Pentz gets a turn

 Elder Groesbeck found a match

 Almost finished!

 Elder Harbertson found one!

Elders Flake, and Brown

We had a very successful Zone Conference with both Hillcrest and Richards Bay Zone's!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Phuthaditjhaba and Bloemfontein Zone Conference in Bethlehem

Another combined Zone Conference was a success!

 Elder Jewkes

 What a great group of missionaries!!!

 Elders Motlhankanyane, Shaw, Wilson birthday recognition!

 I prepared a matching game - the theme was having good manners. We learned what Elders should do in our mission to exemplify good manners.

 President brought Elder Hinnen up front and they told a story of a teaching experience they had together. A woman was distraught when a couple of family members had recently died, and the missionaries came to her house. They listened to her, and testified of the Book of Mormon. They underlined three verses that might help her, and one of them wrote his testimony in the front. They invited her to read the scriptures they had underlined and told her they would come back. President Thompson was visiting these Elders and went with them to their next appointment with her. They walked in, expecting to still see her feeling sad, but instead she was thrilled and happy - her countenance exuded joy.  She told them she had read the verses, plus she had been reading the Book every day. She said that the book had changed her life! She said that she sleeps with the book! She said that it brought her enormous comfort!  They taught her the plan of salvation, and she said that she wanted to learn more and be baptized! The Book of Mormon is changing lives! 

 Elder Wilson teaches us

 Elder Wilson came to us from Madagascar when missionaries had to leave the country. He will be returning in April. It has been an honor to have such a valiant missionary!

 Elder Simayile (AP) instructs us.

 Elder Merritt (ZL)

 Role plays are always instructive.

 President Johns is an amazing man. He is so faithful and such an example to all of us!

 Elders Mustapha and Deen

 Elder Lopez-Palaez teaches us

 Elder Merritt is insightful

 Elder Jewkes teaches us!

 Elder Jonga bears his last testimony before he goes home in April

 Elder Wilson bears witness!

Elder Shaw is powerful!