Friday, April 20, 2018

Newcastle Zone Conference

Newcastle Zone was great!

Again, we heard amazing instruction today! 

 Elder Lucas-Rafael

 Haha! Elders Ntaka, and Lucas-Rafael pretending to be on my cell phone! I know they can't access it without my thumb print!

 Newcastle Zone is powerful!

 Elder Youngman (ZL) conducted and instructed us today!

 Elder Lucas-Rafel taught us well!

 Elder Liechty did a great job!

 Elder Abel taught us!

 This is the last Zone Conference with the Brown's. Elder Brown has been a counselor in the mission presidency. They both have provided remarkable shadow leadership in this area! We will be sad to see them leave, but we have been so blessed to have them here! They will be greatly missed!

 Elder Sibanda bears his testimony. This is his last Zone Conference! He has been an incredible missionary and example!

 So blessed to have such wonderful missionaries!

 Newcastle Zone!

I wonder who does the heavy lifting in this zone? Ha ha!

Phuthaditjhaba Zone Conference

The Phuta (for short) Zone did an amazing job. The spirit was so strong and we learned so much about how to improve missionary work and to build our own testimonies!

We were all strengthened today!

Elder Bir did a powerful job teaching us as well as bearing his personal testimony of Jesus Christ. It was so powerful that many of us did not have a dry eye! Elder Bir grew up not knowing Christ. But as he learned about the Savior, his testimony became real and unshakable. The spirit was so strong as he offered his sure and humble witness of Christ! 

 We learned about a lot of things during this conference. The spirit was strong and the Elders participation was amazing!

 Elders Jewkes, Christensen, and Groesbeck

 The Phuta Zone includes our fabulous couple, the Van Uiterts, and President Johns!

 Elder Moyo lead a powerful 

 Elder Fullmer (AP) leads us in song


 Elder Hinnen

It was a great Zone conference!

Richards Bay Zone Conference

Richards Bay Zone Conference

Since MLC was only a few days earlier, Richards Bay Zone had to plan quick

They really pulled through and did a marvelous job!

Elder Morales

 Elders Ah Sam, and Burlaka

 Elders Warner, Burlaka, and Speranza

 Elders Olson, Morales, Warner, and Burlaka
enjoying snacks!

 Elder Nuusa led the Elders in a few push ups to revive from sitting too long. Each Zone Conference lasts seven hours! 

 Elder Nuusa (ZL) instructs us!

 Richards Bay Zone

 This is the last Zone Conference for Elder and Sister Collins! Words cannot express how much we appreciate both of them! They have done wonders for Richards Bay. 

 Elder Ah Sam writes while Elder Olson instructs us!

 Elder Isooba (ZL) teaches us

 Elder Speranza bears his final testimony! He goes home soon!

 Sister Collins bears testimony. This is her final Zone Conference serving in the Durban Mission.

Elder Collins bears his witness of the gospel! We are going to miss the Collins!

Mission Leadership Council

Traditionally, MLC was held the last day of transfer week.

However, we changed it to be the first Tuesday after transfer week because it allowed more time to plan for MLC. Transfer week ends up being our busiest of the six weeks!


 Zone Leaders enjoying breakfast!

 We learned a lot at MLC! We counseled and were inspired!

 Elder Lahue, Sala, Simayile (AP), Fullmer (AP)

 Elders Nielsen, Atkinson, Nuusa

 Elders Nuusa, Isooba, Merritt

 Our Zone Leaders planning!

Zone Leaders came away with topics to discuss in the next round of Zone Conferences!