Monday, June 18, 2018

Newcastle Zone Conference


 Elders Abel, McCoy, Lucas-Rafael
Elder Kamara (ZL)

 Elders Youngman (ZL), and Roman

 Elders Ntaka, Apie, Baker, and a visiting returned missionary

 Elders Liechty, Miller, Mapeka, Ntaka

 Elder Kamara (ZL)

 The Zone is attentive and were great in participating as we talked about being converted

 Elder Youngman (ZL) taught us.

 Elder Mapeka teaches us

 Powerful messages were delivered and received!

 Elder Ntaka taught us

 Elder Kamara (ZL)

 Such a great exercise of touching under the pipe and try to lower it - but it always goes up!

 Sister Moody

 Elder Moody

The Newcastle Zone

Friday, June 8, 2018

Phuthadhitjaba Zone Conference

We call this the Phuta (poo-ta) Zone for short, even though it's held each time in Bethlehem!

Another powerful Zone Conference even though it was cold - winter is around the corner!

 Elder Jewkes leads the opening song

 Elder Christensen teaches us

 Elder Moyo (ZL) conducts - he did an incredible job!

 Elders Hyer, Mabiala, Christensen, Bir, and Shaw

 Elder Groesbeck (ZL) did great!

 We talked and counseled

 The helium rod game! So far, none of the zones are able to get the rod to the ground!

 Sister Van Uitert bears her final testimony - we are going to miss her and her husband immensely. They have been tremendous in their service here! They actually met while serving missions in South Africa when they were young! It's been a pleasure to have them, and are so thankful for all they have done! They are awesome!

 Elder Van Uitert bears his witness and final testimony. They will return home before the next Zone Conference. We don't know what we would have done without them!

 Elder Jewkes

 Singing our closing song!

 Sister and Elder VanUitert, and President Johns

The Phuta Zone!

Bloemfontein Zone Conference

Bloemfontein Zone

 Elder Nuusa instructed us!

 Elder Flake taught us!

 Elder Porter says goodbye in his last Zone conference! 

 Sister Porter bears testimony and says goodbye to this zone. The Porters have been most remarkable in that they are in charge of Seminary and Institute, as well as helping out in Lesotho to help there! They literally were doing double duty!!! We could not have managed without them! They are wonderful, and we will miss them tremendously!

 Sister Hicks shared her testimony as well. We are so grateful to her and Elder Hicks for their service in Bloemfontein! They are a fabulous missionary couple and don't know what we would do without them!

  Elder Merritt (ZL) shares his witness!

 Elder Cobinah (ZL) shares with us

 Elder Lowe offered his testimony

 Elder Trapnell shares his final testimony - he is part of the first group we received when we first arrived! Can't believe it has been two years already!

 Elder Menardin

 Elders Merritt (ZL), Gehlbach, and Trapnell

 Elders Mothlankanyane, Menardin, Ekirita

Elders Mulabe and Cobinah 

 Elder Jewkes - his last Zone Conference!

 Elders Merritt and Lowe

 This is called the helium rod game - the missionaries must put only their forefingers under the bar, and together lower it, always touching it! Seems easy, but it's not! The bar seems to always go up instead of down!

 Elder Jewkes gave an incredible presentation, and also shared his final testimony!

 Elder Gehlbach shares his final testimony

 Elder Trapnell shares his final testimony

 Elders Merritt, Trapnell, Flake, Lowe, and Pantoe

 The Bloemfontein Zone!

Bloemfontein Zone!