Wednesday, February 14, 2018



Church in Dundee

Church in Dundee

 Some future missionaries

 Branch members

 More future missionaries!!!!

 Our fabulous current missionaries!!!  Elders Carter and Roman

Having class outside!

 The building in the background was once a house. It has been converted into classrooms for church, and is across the way from the chapel!

The chapel in the background!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

A Plea to Parents

To the wonderful parents of our missionaries:

Our missionaries are doing wonderful! We had a stellar year in 2017! We more than doubled the amount of baptisms from the previous year!  I believe it is due to the increased desires from our missionaries to live with exact obedience so that the spirit is abundantly with them.

We thank the parents and families that have sent us these valiant young men!

Our missionaries are blessed to have such wonderful parents, family members, and friends who are always asking what they can do to help the missionaries. 

From our experience with your missionary, here are two important ways that would help tremendously:

1. Letters or emails should always be uplifting in nature (talk about favorite scriptures, conference talks, what you learned at church, your testimony, etc.) is very difficult for our missionaries to hear travel logs, updates on marriages, homecomings, illnesses, and other family events. These messages tend to take focus away from missionary work, and place more focus at home.  Please save these topics for when your missionary returns home! 

2. Rather than send packages, put more money on their home card! We understand your desires to send a thoughtful gift, but we are asking you to refrain from sending packages, including holidays. Not only can it be expensive for you, but the mission has to pay extraordinary fees to pick up the packages from the postal counter even after you've paid to have it shipped. It not only becomes a distraction to your missionary when he receives or anticipates a package, but it can to others as well. Missionaries can get everything they need here! The expensive shipping costs and extra postal fees could go a much longer way if you put that amount on their card!

The best gift you can give your missionary is to help him keep focused on this extraordinary work! 

Thank you so much for your understanding. We want the very best for your fabulous missionary while he serves the Lord. We love him dearly!

President and Sister Thompson

Goodbye Elder and Sister Rhodes

We have been blessed to have Elder and Sister Rhodes serve with us. They have been instrumental in the missionary and institute programs, and an enormous help with our fabulous missionaries.
We appreciate their great service and will miss them!

Bless you both!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Yay, Photos Are Uploading! Elder Legas

As stated in the previous post, Elder Legas has successfully finished his mission and is returning home, though a little earlier than expected.

Elder Legas was diagnosed with a rare form of thyroid cancer after having surgery a few days ago.

We will miss him immensely, but we wish him our heartfelt prayers and love as he returns to Utah for treatment.

 Packed up and ready to go!

 Going into the airport!

 Checking in!

 Waiting while President pays for baggage!

 All checked in!

 We love you Elder Legas and wish you the best!

 All set to board!

Elder Legas

I wanted to upload more photos today, but I keep getting an error that the upload failed: server rejected. Not sure what that means, but I'm trying to get it resolved! 

In the meantime, the written word will have to suffice for now!  Hopefully, I can get it fixed soon! 

When this issue gets fixed, I will post the photos of Elder Legas leaving for home yesterday. 

Elder Legas has been an extremely valiant missionary. He is the type that you want to clone! A couple of weeks ago he called and said he had a lump on his neck. He said it had been there for several months. Because he was in Lesotho where medical care is not sufficient, I sent him to the doctor in Bloemfontein. It just so happened that President and I were in Bloem for Zone Conference, which allowed me to go with him to get several tests done at the hospital. Afterward, it was recommended a biopsy or surgery be performed.

We decided to take him to Durban with us, in case surgery was needed. Surgery was performed a couple of days days later, and most of the tumor was removed and tested. 

Two days after surgery, we had just arrived at Hillcrest Zone Conference when the doctor's office called us back. I went with Elder Legas to the office and received the answer. He was diagnosed with a rare type of thyroid cancer. Needless to say, we were shocked. After consulting with doctors and his family, it was decided that Elder Legas return home to Utah for further treatment. He only had a few months left on mission, therefore will be released as having served a full-time and honorable mission.

We hope and pray that he will get the needed treatment and will soon be restored to good health very soon. Please remember him in your prayers.

Hillcrest Zone Conference

Hillcrest Zone Conference!

 Elder Harbertson and Dos Santos are the Zone Leaders of this conference!

 Elder Guymon

 Elders Walker and Burlaka

 Elder Jewkes gave some great comments 

 Elder Mulabe is powerful

 Elders Brown and Leckie

 Elder Flake

 Elder Mshweshwe leads Elders Legas and Parisot

 Most recent district missionary returned home a few minutes ago, Elder Myeza

 Our wonderful office couple the Petersens

 Elder Legas received the disheartening news just before this conference - he has thyroid cancer and will be returning home for treatment

 Elder Brown

 Elder Sibanda

 Elder Dos Santos is power! We will miss him! This was his last Zone Conference on mission.

 Sister Jenson - we are so blessed to have her. She is our only single senior missionary!
She has served in South Africa years ago with her husband and has returned to this great place!

 Sister Jenson helped with getting emergency plans for each boarding! She is handing them out.

 Elder Dooley holding up the emergency plan checklist

 Elder Dos Santos receiving his Advanced English certificate. The missionaries that have English as a second language can study from materials provided and take an English test noting that they are advanced in English. This can help them in getting jobs in their own country in the future!

 Elders Deen and Guymon

 Role plays are my favorite!

 President going over some fabulous statistics of the mission!

 Elder Dos Santos bears his last testimony on mission.

 Elder Legas bears his witness to the gospel

 Elder Bodnar

After Zone Conference poses!