Sunday, September 17, 2017

Zone Conference Newcastle

Great Zone Conference in Newcastle! A powerful spirit for the day, and wonderful missionaries!

 Elders Ottley, Hamilton, Jewkes

 Elder Lopes-Pelaez

 Elders Roman, Adlard, Zimunhu,

 Elders Walker, Christensen, Phillips

 Elders Kumar, Moyo

 Elders Carter, Isooba, Bir

 Elders Huff, Cox, Knutsen

 Elder Jewkes leads our singing

 Elder Christensen and Adlard

 Elder Roman, and Phillips

 Elder Cox

 Lunch break and photos!

 Elders Knutsen, Kumar, Moyo

 Waiting to gather everyone for photos after lunch!

 Elders Homer, Carter, Roman, Bir

 Elders Lopez-Palaez, Christensen, Hamilton, Homer

 Elders Cox, Knutsen

 Elders Zimunhu, Isooba, Huff

 This is for Elder Phillips mom!

 Group photo!

 President Thompson's mother is visiting!

 After lunch and photos, the second half of Zone Conference starts with birthday recognition.
President Brown, Elder Macapella, Elder Huff

 Elders Macapella and Phillips teach us about Christlike Brotherhood

 Elder Ottley (ZL) bears final testimony - he goes home before next Zone Conference.

Elder Hamilton bears final testimony before he goes home!

Zone Conference was fabulous! We talked about the Power to Change!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

A Serendipity Moment

This was truly a happy accident!

We were driving through the Ladysmith area and happened on to two of our missionaries!!!

 Elder Phillips, Macapella, and new converts: Zanele, and Bongiwe

 Zanele - new convert in the township of Steadville

 Elder Phillips, Zanele, and Elder Macapella

 These women are selling medicinal herbs

 Lots of medicinal herbs!

 The women are so balanced and amazing that can carry things on their heads!

More amazing women!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Phuthadhitjhaba Zone Conference

Our first Zone Conference for September!
Because our September calendar is more full than usual, we needed to hold this conference
on the missionaries preparation day! If you are a parent and reading this, and you didn't receive an email from your missionary on Monday, you will know why.

The theme of this round of Zone Conferences is The Power to Change

 Elder Jantjies (ZL) and Elder DePriest pulled off an successful Zone Conference with only three days to prepare since MLC!

 Elder Chico had some great insights at our conference! He is training Elder Brown!

 Elder Varner's last Zone Conference!!! Where does the time go?

 Elder Brown and Elder Warner are among some of our newest Elders! They are power!

 Elder Abel, and Elder Merritt

 Elder DePriest (ZL) - camera wars!!!

 Elder Speranza is power!

 Elder Takau (Trainer) and Elder Lucas-Rafael are both new to Phuthadhitjhaba! Elder Takau is training our newest Elder! 

 Elders Jantjies (ZL), Huntington, Merritt, and Lucas-Rafael

 The Van Uiterts are fabulous! They both served missions in South Africa as young missionaries!

 Jumping for joy to do missionary work!

Time to go back to work!!!

MLC September 2017

We started MLC at 7:00 AM and went to 3:00 PM so President Thompson
could do a few missionary interviews before we journey off across the mission. Usually,
we start at 7:30 - 3:30 PM
Our Zone Leaders come together and plan our upcoming Zone Conferences.
Each Zone will be in charge of their conference, including assigning those who present, but it must revolve around our theme.

 Conference Room of the bunk house. We council together what should be discussed in our upcoming Zone Conferences

 Elder Diehl presents important information to all the Zone Leaders

 Break for lunch!

 Bottom: Elders Lowe, Hicks, Harris, Schraedel, Jantjies, Simayale, Reed, Legas, DePriest
Top: Fullmer, Mnisi, Beck, Ottley, Dos Santos, Jewkes, Diehl

 Elders Ottley, Fullmer

Elders DePriest, Jantjies

We have amazing Zone Leaders! Our theme for our upcoming Zone Conference is 
The Power to Change!