Friday, January 12, 2018

Transfer Day

It was transfer day on Tuesday this time - usually it's on Wednesday, but our new elders will arrive on Tuesday night, making Wednesday their day for interviews, driving tests, orientation and dinner at the mission home! We are getting a head start this time!

 Elders Guymon, Bodnar, Nichols, Burlaka, Lahue
are the first ones to arrive early in the morning by bus! They traveled all night!

 Elder Burlaka 

 Elder Guymon

 Elder LaHue

 Elder Nichols

 Elder Bodnar

 We are so proud of these Elders that even though they had been traveling all night, they brought out their scriptures and started studying while waiting for their new companions to arrive! Aren't they awesome?!

 President Thompson and Elder Makhuvele arrives at the mission home for transfer day! Yes, we have burglar bars on our doors and is the norm here!

 Transfer day keeps growing!

 Our first round of transfers went from 6:00 AM - 12:00 Noon
Second round 3:00 - 4:00 PM

Elder Allen 

 The missionary bunk house in the background. We have bunk beds to accommodate 16 elders!

 Elder Guymon

 Elder Dooley

 Elder Deen

 Elder Mothlankanyane

 Elder Jewkes

 Elder Dos Santos

 Elder Chiromo

 Elder Moyo

Elder Bodnar

Assistants Devotional at Nelson Mandela Capture Site

We say goodbye to two of our four assistants as they become trainers for our newly arrived missionaries.

 Elder Jantjies, Homer, ticket operator, Mshweshwe, and Jewkes
These four assistants have been quite the wonderful team. We say goodbye to Elders Mshweshwe and Jewkes. They will be trainers! They have been valiant missionaries and have done superior work as assistants! Thank you for your service!

 The Nelson Mandela Capture site is not far from the mission home. President Thompson took the assistants for a special devotional.

 Elder Mshweshwe came to us from Madagascar. He's not from there, but was serving as a missionary when a plague forced several missionaries to relocate. We fell blessed to have him finish his mission with us!

 Elder Jantjies, Homer, Mshweshwe, and Jewkes

 Walking to the art piece

 A pose on the path to the art

 This art piece is made of steel posts. At the right angles you can see the head of Nelson Mandela

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Departing Elders December

I'm feeling very blessed right now as I thought that I had no way of recovering these photos of our departing Elders in December.

My computer would not read the camera card! I tried and tried, until I figured out a way to recover these even though they still wouldn't download to my photos app! Still not sure how I did it, but feeling grateful to finally post these!

 Elder Chaparadza

 Elder Simomondo

 Elder Hoopes

 Elder Marshall

 Elder Thompson, Allen, Hoopes

 Our departing missionary dinner! We are going to miss all of you!
Elders Harper, Hoopes, Chaparadza, Simomondo, Marshall, and Homer (AP) and Elder Jantjies (AP) is standing

 Elders Chaparadza, Hoopes, Simomondo

 Our closing testimony meeting! Elder Marshall

 Elder Chaparadaza

 Elder Harper

 Elder Hoopes

 Elder Simomondo

 Elder Chaparadza, President Thompson, Elder Simonodo

 First trip to the airport is early in the morning for Elders Simonondo and Chaparadza

 Saying goodbye! President Thompson, Elders Simonodo, Chaparadza

 Elder Harper waiting his turn to go to the airport. Hanging out in the bunkhouse.

 Elders Marshall, Hoopes, Harper 

 Getting boarding passes! Elders Marshall, Harper, Hoopes

Best wishes as you return home! Elders Hoopes, Marshall, Harper
We will miss you!