Friday, August 18, 2017

Goodbye Elders

Departure Day!

 Elders Rakotomalala and Weiler
A blustery day!

 Elders Rakotomalala, Eastmond, Lesueur, and Weiler at the airport!

 Elders Eastmond and Lesueur

 One of our departing Elders found out last minute he could not take his skateboard on the airplane.
I guess President found a new way to get around!!!

 Elders Weiler, Lesueur, Eastmond, and Rakotomalala checking in

 Saying goodbye is hard!

 Elder Eastmond

 Elder Lesueur

 Elder Weiler

 Sister Thompson, Elder Rakotomalala, President Thompson

Love you all! Best wishes!

Departing Elders Breakfast

Four of our Elders are departing! Three to the United States and one to Madagascar.
We will miss each of them. They have brought great service to the people of South
Africa, and have been a wonderful asset to the mission! We wish them the best, and
I told them that we will ALWAYS be a MISSION FAMILY - we hope they will
keep in contact with us!

 Aprons are a big hit at the mission home!
Elders Weiler, Lesueur, Eastmond, and Rakotomalala

 We don't know what we would ever do without Getrude - she is awesome!

 Elder Eastmond - we will miss your energy and enthusiasm!

 Elder Lesueur - a big thanks to all that you've done!

 Trying on different aprons!

I get the privilege, and fun, of talking to our departing Elders about dating! I love their questions,
and we usually laugh a lot!
Dating customs are different in other countries, so I try to talk about dating from a church culture!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Durban Zone Conference

 The Durban Zone Conference was held at the Berea Chapel

Our conference!

 Elder Whiting

 Elder Dooley

 Elder Christensen (the third!)

 Elder Olson and Elder Hamilton (yes! they have matching suits - on purpose!

 Elder Merritt gave a great presentation!

 President visits with the missionaries at lunch!

 The missionaries love these chicken burritos from a restaurant called Four Fifteen

 Elder Hauck

 Elder Knutsen

 Elder Ruben

 Elder Christensen

 Sister and Elder Wood provided us with the delicious lunch!

 Elder Gehlbach

 Elder Harris (ZL)

 Elder Huntington

 Elder Jones, and Sibanda

 The Durban Zone

 Birthday time!

 Cleanest boardings!

Elder Harris taught us well!

Elder Rakotomalala offers his departing testimony! His last Zone Conference!

Hillcrest Zone Conference

The conference theme is the Divine Companionship of the Holy Ghost!

 Zone Leaders asked me to talk about 
How To Have A Christlike Companionship With Our Companions.
In the photo above, I asked the missionaries to discuss with their companions the six points of
How and What to Discuss During Companionship Inventory

We had great discussion with great participation afterwards.

 I told the missionaries that we are not to use companionship inventory as a time to vent our frustrations with our companions, but rather, to discuss the good things about the companionship,
what is working for them, how they can improve together...and basically emphasizing the
positive aspects of working together! We incorporated the important concept of being "patient", of compromising, and complimenting often.
Elders Varner, Vaughn, Parson

 When we look for the good in our companion, the spirit is more prevalent! These two are doing a great job!
Elders Lowe, Legas - our Zone Leaders in Hillcrest

Zone Leaders plan each conference, choose topics relative to the theme, choose speakers, conduct the meetings, arrange the leadership meeting beforehand, and assign everything pertinent to the conference. They also set up, clean up, and basically are in charge of everything under the direction of President Thompson. They do an amazing job!

 Elders Russell, Phillips

 Elders Vaughn, Parson, Thompson
Elder Vaughn gave some incredible insights to our conference - I was very impressed!

 Elders Harp, and Parisot

 Elder Thompson - birthday wishes!

 Elders Hoopes, Jada, Vaughn, Phillips
Lunch is always a highlight of our conferences!

 Elder Lieichty, Varner, Russell, Allan, 
Elder Vaughn, right

 Elders Lowe(ZL), Harp, Parisot

 Elders Thompson, Legas (ZL)

 Our non-serious poses (not all, but at least most of us!).

 Elders Phillips, Lowe (ZL), Legas (ZL), Russell
Pose for a moment before getting everyone together to take a group photo!

 Elder Legas (ZL) did a great job teaching us about the Holy Ghost - it was powerful!

 Elder Harp teaches us from the scriptures!

 President Thompson is always amazing! We talked about identifying the Holy Ghost, and having him as our constant and third companion who can always be with us as we are obedient.

 This was outside the window at the church!

 Elder Legas (ZL)

 Elder Lowe (ZL), leads the singing, and also presented a fantastic lesson about the Holy Ghost.

 Elder Varner, Elder Jada during break

 Elder Hoopes 

 Elder Parisot, President Thompson

 Elder Phillips is a lot of fun - he usually pulls faces when I take a picture of him. However, this time,
I requested a serious photo just for his Mom! "This is for you mom" he said!

 Elder Allan offered some great comments during the conference.

 Elder Legas (ZL), did a great job planning this Zone Conference

 Elder Harp