Monday, July 31, 2017

Historic Day in Lesotho

Historic day in Lesotho! Two new Branches, and three new
Branch Presidencies created on July 30, 2017

 Members of the new Khubetsoana Branch!

 The new Branch Presidency for Khubetsoana
President Makutoane (center)
(see a past blog dated August 2016 under Historic Day in Lesotho about President Makutoane)

 Maseru Branch

 Maseru Branch Presidency

 Thetsane Branch

Thetsane Branch Presidency

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Historic for South Africa Durban Mission

Today we created the Ladysmith District. Paul De Klerk has been called, sustained, and set apart as the new District President with President Ngcobo (former Branch President of Ezakheni) as first counselor.

A new Branch President for Ezakheni was also called, sustained, and set apart: Brian Manqele

Also, there were two new branches created in Lesotho today, with three new branch presidents called, sustained, and set apart under the direction of President Sematlane.

This weekend, brethren and sisters came together in Lesotho to translate the Book of Mormon into the language of Sesotho.

Upcoming in August, another district will be formed. The Phuthaditjhaba District will include Phuthaditjhaba and Bethlehem. In addition, a cluster (almost a branch) will be formed near Bethlehem, and another cluster in Phuthaditjhaba.

Miracles are rolling forth as we see the growth continue to rise throughout the mission. Last week, we had 27 baptisms on one day!

We continue to solicit your prayers for our missionaries and for the people of South Africa. As the temple is being built, many blessings will permeate this land. So many people are searching for truth and happiness. Not only should we pray that our missionaries find those ready to receive the gospel, but we pray for those ready people to seek out the missionaries! During our forty-day mission fast in February, we prayed for this scenario, and shortly after we had 72 unsolicited people just show up to church. Miracles are abounding and we are privileged to witness them here in the South Africa Durban Mission. But, we have a lot more work to do!

We are privileged to be a part of the history of this land!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Local Missionary

Jeanne works part time in the mission office and her son
Diego is leaving on a mission!

 An exciting day for this family! Jeanne has done well
in raising her two boys!

 Mom and brother seeing Diego off at the airport!

 Their kind bishop came to the airport as well!

One final hug!!!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Departing Elders July 2017

Lots of emotions on departing day!

 Saying goodbye!

 Zone Leaders arriving to say goodbye to departing Elders
and get ready for our Team Dinner and MLC

 Elder Rowe goes back to England!

 Our wonderful Elders that are departing today!
Front: Rowe, Simonson, Pentreath, Knight, Woodland, Wright, Dean
Back: Henley, Woodland, Hansen, Lubamba

 Departing Elders and Zone Leaders!

 We have the best missionaries in the world!

 There are mixed emotions in saying goodbye!

 Elder Knight

 Until we meet again!

 Elder Winkworth will return to England!

 Arriving at the airport!
This is our second group leaving today!

 Elder Hansen

 Checking in at the airport!

 Checking luggage

 Checked in, got tickets, and a group picture before heading to the gate!
Elders: Lubamba, Moore, Hansen, Knight, Dean, Simonson, Woodland, Wright

 One final photo!
Woodland, Moore, Lubamba, Dean, Hansen, Wright, Knight, Simonson

I couldn't help the tears! We LOVE these missionaries and
though its hard to say goodbye, we look forward to many
interactions with them throughout their lives!
We are always a missionary family!!!

Bitter Sweet Day

Elders before sunrise!
We had sixteen Elders sleeping in the bunkhouse last night!
All are leaving for the airport to go home (with the exception of
one who is going to serve a mission).

Three trips are planned to the airport besides our Zone Leader Team Dinner
today! It will be a bitter sweet day!

 Elders Hanse, DePriest, Takau, Hicks, Moore, Wright, Henley
Most of these Elders will be flying out today!

 First trip to the airport today for Elders Sithole, Khoza, Mcopela and Elder Lubamba
will leave later today!

 Front: Khoza, Sithole, Mcopela, Lubamba
Back: Our Assistants, DePriest, Diehl

They huddle in prayer before saying goodbye!

Departing Elders Dinner/Testimony Meeting

We are really going to miss these fine Elders! We genuinely love and
appreciate them!

 Elders Lubamba, Hansen, Moore, Pentreath

 Elders Knight, Rowe, Woodland, Lubamba

 Elders Winkworth, Mcopela

 Elders Wright, Henley, Sithole

 Elders Pentreath, Dean, Simonson

 Each Elder had the opportunity to bear testimony! Elder Hansen

 Elder Hansen,

 Elder Moore

 Elder Rowe

 Elder Simonson

 Elder Sithole

 Elder Rasmussen

 Elder Dean

 Elder Pentreath

 Elder Knight

 Elder Lubamba

 Elder Winkworth

 Elder Henley

 Elder Woodland

 Elder Mcopela

 Elder Knight

 Love this group!

 They get their missionary packets that have important documents
and flight information for their journey the next day!

 Elder Pentreath with his packet. I also make a photo with their name,
nationality, and the places they've served and their companions names!

Elder Moore