Thursday, March 30, 2017

Inspiring Story in Madadeni

As President Thompson was conducting missionary interviews in Newcastle today, I had the privilege of talking with a few of our Elder's as they were waiting for their turn. There are lots of inspiring stories, but thought I would share this one. It is from Elder Hansen and Elder Jeri who are serving in Madadeni:

A lady came to the Madadeni Ward a couple of weeks ago because she knew a church member. Elder Hansen and Elder Jeri met with her and taught her about the Restoration. A few days later, they went to her home (yesterday) to teach her, but beforehand they asked if she had read the pamphlet, and if she had prayed about it.

She said that she did read the pamphlet and she prayed before going to sleep to know if this church was true. She said that she had a dream and hoped the Elders could help her understand her dream. She said that she dreamed she was being baptized by someone with the last name of Brown. The Elders asked if she knew anyone with that name. She said she had met an older gentleman a couple of months ago by that name, and she believed it was the same man who baptized her in the dream. Elder Brown lives in the neighboring town of Newcastle, and is President Thompson's counselor in the mission!.

She then explained that two angels came down and placed their hands on her head. She wondered if the missionaries could explain this part of her dream since she didn't know what it meant.

Elder Hansen and Elder Jeri told me they had not yet taught her about baptism, or about receiving the holy ghost. However, this was their opportunity to explain about baptism and being confirmed.

After they explained baptism and receiving the gift of the holy ghost, she expressed her deep gratitude and believed that she had received an answer to her prayers as the taught her.  She is already planning for baptism the end of April!

President Thompson and I believe that the spirit is being poured out in abundance here with the advent of a new temple scheduled to open next year in Durban. More than thirty investigators came to church (none were the result of a specific invitation) in the last two weeks. I also believe that it was not a coincidence we were received by the Prince this past week. I'm convinced that all of these things are coming together to open the doors of heaven as the temple is being built!

For the past week, President and I have been changing our prayers slightly (thanks to the suggestion by our star office couple, the Wood's) in that we not only pray for our missionaries to find those people who are prepared to receive the gospel, but we are also praying for those who are prepared to find our missionaries!

It is an honored blessing to take part in a small way to help bring the gospel to South Africa. It is really the result of our wonderful missionaries. We love and appreciate them immensely!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

I had the privilege of writing a news article about our experience with the Prince. See below:

Local Church Leaders in Durban South Africa Meet with
Prince Mangosutho Buthelezi
by Sister Leesa Thompson

DURBAN, KWAZULU NATAL, SOUTH AFRICA -  A meeting between the local Church leadership of Durban, South Africa and his Excellency, Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi MP, President of the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP), took place on March 27, 2017 at the Party’s head office in downtown Durban. The Prince was accompanied by eleven members of his National Executive Committee (NEC). The purpose of the meeting was to strengthen longstanding relationship with the Prince; present Prince Buthelezi with a set of LDS scriptures; and to set the stage for the Church’s growth over the next several months in Kwazulu Natal (KZN) as a new temple is being built.

His Excellency has been a friend of the LDS church for many years. In the early 1980’s, Buthelezi gave permission for LDS missionaries to proselyte in townships of KZN where the church has now flourished into two stakes and one district. As a result, Bishop Graham Sabela of the Pinetown Ward, President Sipho Duma of the Molweni Branch, President Siyabonga Mkhize of the Hillcrest Stake, and Brother Dominic Tshabalala of the Hillcrest Stake, thanked the Prince for allowing missionary work in these predominantly black areas because they became beneficiaries of accepting the gospel during that era. Each of these men testified that, as a result of missionaries teaching in the townships, they were able to join the Church, serve full-time missions, gain college degrees, including advanced degrees, become successful in careers, and living as outstanding citizens in the Province of Kwazulu-Natal. After each brother testified how serving a mission had contributed toward their many successes, President Kip G. Thompson, Mission President of the South Africa Durban Mission, said that 60 missionaries from the area are currently serving full-time missions in locations all around the world, and many more are preparing to serve. This is in addition to the current one-hundred missionaries serving in the Durban area. He continued to state that as the temple is built, the opportunity for missionary work will increase.

The Prince stated, “I am impressed by the number of young people with the Church who first spend time in the work of missions before pursuing their own careers. They are learning the principle of seeking God’s kingdom first, and in so doing, are acquiring valuable skills, including personal relations, time management, submission to authority, and commitment.”

The Prince came to the Durban Temple’s ground breaking ceremony last year, when his Excellency attended that event during one of the busiest times of his political career. As the Prince expressed at that time, he expressed once again his deep appreciation to the Church in building up communities and emphasizing the importance of families.

The Prince said, “I appreciate your taking the time to bring news on the construction of the Durban Temple. I have a particular interest in this building project after the breaking ground on it almost a year ago. As we stood with our yellow spades, I felt the significance of what we were doing. On that occasion, I thanked the leaders of the Church, and I took the opportunity to applaud the Church’s focus on family. This resonates with me because of the value I place on strong family relationships. As I mentioned, my wife and I have been married for 64 years, and have been blessed with eight children.”

Brother Garith Hill, of the Hillcrest Stake High Council, reminded the Prince that when they attended the temple ground breaking ceremony, he had leaned over and asked how he could get his own set of scriptures. Brother Hill said that was the part of the purpose of the meeting today, and presented his Excellency with a leather-bound set of scriptures with his name embossed on the front.

Several members of the National Executive Committee stated their support and favor of the Church. Mkhuleko Hlengwa, National Chairperson of the Youth Brigade, stated that “if the Party had a church wing, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints would be it”. He said that “we have a duty to keep our youth busy and to go to church”. Sister Leesa Thompson introduced the Strength of Young pamphlet and the importance of teaching our youth to make correct and moral choices.

Brother Dominic Tshabalala, Hillcrest Stake Director of Public Affairs, introduced the Church’s programs on self-reliance and the importance of education. He explained that these two important programs go hand in hand, and as people are taught these important principles, communities will thrive and the country will gain great success.
The Prince stated, “The second area of focus that is shared by the IFP and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is the focus on developing responsible and capable young adults. [Self-reliance] is the cornerstone of the IFP. When I founded this Party in 1975, we placed the principles of self-help and self-reliance at the foundation of our beliefs.”

Brother Tshabalala explained how members of the Church are not compensated for their service, but that we serve others because we love God, and we love God’s children. Members of the NEC expressed their great admiration for a Church that promotes serving all people.

The Prince said, “This, to me, is the calling of the church as the full body of Christ, to be a light to the world, to serve God’s kingdom, to bind up the broken hearted, to take care of the widow and the orphan, to preach the good news of the gospel, to visit those in prison, feed those who are hungry, and clothe those who are destitute. None of these things can be done by keeping ourselves apart. We must go into the world to be the hands of Christ. During the ground-breaking ceremony last year, I expressed the hope that the principles of moral living, commitment and family values will deepen in South Africa through the work of the Church. That is still my prayer.”

President Thompson offered Books of Mormon, Strength of Youth, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlets to anyone who was interested. Every member of the NEC approached President and Sister Thompson and asked for a Book of Mormon and the two pamphlets.  Many were interested in attending Church and learning more.

His Excellency Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi founded the independent political party, the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP). After the release of all political prisoners and the formation of the Convention for Democratic South Africa (Codesa), he represented the Inkatha Freedom Party in the negotiation for a democratic South Africa. After the first democratic elections in 1994, Prince Buthelezi served as Minister of Home Affairs for two terms. In 1998 when President Nelson Mandela was in Washington to receive a Congressional Order, he served as Acting President of South Africa.

Monday, March 27, 2017

A Royal Week

I had the privilege of attending a meeting with several of
the brethren from Durban to meet with the Zulu Prince,
Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi.  Next week we will have
the opportunity to meet the Zulu King. It's a royal week
for us!

 Our places at the table. Yes, they misspelled my first name,
but that's okay. It happens a lot with my name! (Leesa)

 We are placing folders with valuable information at each of the chairs. 
For example, information about Mormon temples, self-reliance, and
education programs. Members of the Senate and ANC goverment 
will also be in attendance!

 Our church brethren waiting for the Prince!  

 I was honored to be the only female representative of
the church. I had the opportunity to briefly explain about
the Relief Society!

 The Prince gave each of us a signed book of his autobiography!

 I felt fortunate to meet this kind and humble man. He spoke to us
about family values. His thoughts and words sounded
just like a church member!

 We actually gave him a beautiful carved wooden box
that contained leather-bound scriptures with his
name engraved on them. He just happened to pick up
this book!

 The Prince grabbed my arm and escorted me to the food table 
and said "ladies first". He genuinely is one of the nicest men 
I've ever met! We are hoping he will come to the temple
dedication next year!

This woman is powerful! She is the Secretary of State of 
South Africa. She and I had a wonderful chat. She was
very gracious and dignified. She said she loves listening
to the Tabernacle Choir and hopes they will someday
come to South Africa. That would be amazing! 

Saturday, March 25, 2017

A Few More MLC Photos

The Zone Leaders accomplished their task of team building
and planning Zone Conference despite a rain storm!
Have I said just how wonderful these young men are?
I feel like I'm always saying it, but it's true!
Love them all! And, so appreciate their service and dedication
to the gospel!

An Unusual MLC

Our Mission Leadership Council was much different this month.
Building on team unity, our Zone Leaders took President on a
hike. They went to the Drakensburg Mountains.

 A little rain at first forced them to stay inside to read
scriptures and talk about our upcoming Zone Conferences.

 Singing hymns always invites the spirit at our meetings.

 Rain has stopped and it's time to hike!

 Some of our leaders decided to welcome others under
the arch of arms!

 The hike is meant to be a team building experience,
besides enjoy the beauty of this area!

 Stops along the way included spiritual thoughts regarding
the themes of the upcoming Zone Conferences!

 More spiritual messages!

President said that the leaders interacted well with one
another - there was great camaraderie, unity, and
opportunities for team building! So proud of these Elders!