Saturday, November 26, 2016

My Grandson

Congratulations to my oldest grandson for getting baptized! My daughter's bishop gave permission to let us be a part of it electronically! I spoke to my grandson afterward and he said, "Grandma, when I was being confirmed I thought of you and felt like your spirit was with me!" He melts my heart!

 My oldest daughter, oldest grandson, and son-in-law. 
Brittanie grew up in Boston, and has moved back there after being gone for a few years. They have four boys! We love the Boston area!

 All seven of our grandson's attended the baptism. The one in the blue shirt (3 years old) called me the other day and said, "Grandma, remember how I'm your buddy?" How could I ever forget?!!! I sure miss all of them! I love them all immensely! Feeling blessed!

Most of my family, and son-in-law's family! Some traveled from California and Texas to be there! I feel so blessed to have such a supportive and loving family! 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Dinner & Family Home Evening

Some of the Zone Leaders joined us for dinner and Family Home Evening. 

 The missionaries are always so kind to clean up!

We had a great lesson about how the game of golf can be tied in with gospel principles. 

Departing Missionaries

Sister and Elder Sorensen will be leaving in a couple of weeks - we are going to miss them! They are the glue that holds our mission together! They have been an amazing couple and we have so much appreciated their service. Best wishes to them as they return home.

 Our departing Elders! Such a great group!

 Elder Sorensen has been in charge of our fleet of autos for the mission. He has done an amazing job! Thanks for all that you've done for us and the missionaries!

 Best wishes Elders!

 Elder and Sister Sorensen!

 Our faithful Elders have completed their missions and are at the airport to return home!

We always hope our Elders will stay in touch! 

Sunday, November 13, 2016

New Elders Depart

When we picked up Elder Jantjies at the airport his, his suitcase was missing. After two attempts at going back to the airport it was found! Yay! Good thing because he has been assigned to serve in the country of Lesotho!

 Elder Sorensen (from the office), drove a couple of the Elders to Lesotho. If they'd traveled by bus, it's at least a 12 hour trip, but by car it's about 6-7 hours. The two missionaries outside the van were dropping off other Elders - this is at 4:45 AM!!!

 Departing to their assigned areas!

Best wishes with your trainers and areas!

New Companions

Our new missionaries meet their companions!

 Elder LaHue is going to Rocklands. He will travel by bus with a former missionary and they will meet their companions later.

 A group picture with new missionaries, their companions, the Assistants, and President.

 A departing song!

They sounded really good!

Saturday, November 12, 2016


When our grandsons would come to have a sleepover, they would help grandpa make a full breakfast in the morning. We decided to carry over that tradition with the missionaries! President and the Elder's make pancakes, bacon, potatoes, scrambled eggs, and I made buttermilk syrup!
Three of our Elders got a packed bag of food since they had to leave at 5:00 AM to get to their new areas.

Clean up crew!

Finally Arrives

Elder LaHue finally arrived after flying approximately 26 hours. His flight from Johannesburg to Durban was delayed by about three hours, which meant our office's Elder Wood made two trips to the airport to pick him up. We are finally glad to have him with us in Durban.

President Thompson got to take this Elder driving for the first time on the left side of the road! I admire these young men driving their first day.
I got to do the orientation! Welcome Elder!

Waiting For Dessert

 Elder Nielsen is one of these three missionaries who play the piano! 

 We are missing two of our new Elders in these photos. One Elder did not get his luggage at the airport when he arrived. Elder Wood took this Elder back to the airport with him to pick up another Elder flying in from Utah. Elder LaHue's flight to Durban was delayed a few hours, but he finally made it! 

Testimonies and Assignments

The highlight of the day is to hear the missionaries testimonies. The Elders are eager to share what they've learned in the MTC and get their new assignments.

 We place the map on the table and introduce the areas where the missionaries will serve. One of the assistants places the photo of the trainer next to an area, and then discloses which area the missionary will go.

 Elder Nielsen will be companions with Elder Eastmond in Ilovu (the "I" is pronounced with a long E sound. This is pronounced:  eloovoo).  Trainers and new missionaries are together for three months!

 Elder Huntington will be going to Bluff.

 The assistants like dragging out the suspense!

 This fabulous Elder is the only member in his family. I have such great admiration for these young men to serve without much support from home.

 Krronstad is in the Bloemfontein Zone.

 This Elder will be serving in the country of Lesotho.

 Another Elder going to Lesotho.

Elder Mashava (center) is leaving on Monday. He has served as a very faithful and humble missionary. We will miss him. He joined our new missionaries to give some expert advice!