Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Youth of the Bethlehem Branch

I had the privilege of teaching the youth at branch conference. I based our discussion on President Monson's talk about the "rights" we have of making choices, the "responsibility" of our choices, the "results" of our choices, and I added another "R" word: "repentance" regarding our choices. I asked them what some of the greatest challenges were of being a teenager in South Africa. One answer: "HIV and teenage pregnancy". The other biggest challenge was "peer pressure". We spent the lesson discussing the importance of these "R" words. This group was amazing! Valiant youth!

Bethlehem Branch Conference

 The church in Bethlehem

 The baptismal font is outside! It's cold in the winter!

 Branch President

 Faithful members! It was 6 Celsius and with the humidity it feels very cold. Luckily the chapel had a few heaters, but the rest of the building did not. Brrrr!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Welkom Area

 Welkom area Elders 

 Having fun!

 Interviews are over in this area.

 Some very cool Elders!

Pink flamingos near Welkom!

The Woolston's Say Goodbye

What a pleasure it has been to get to meet this great couple! They have served the Welkom area and have been a great asset to this mission. They will be missed! We can't thank them enough for all that they have done. We know the Elders have been blessed having them in this area of the mission. We wish them the best as they leave us today! HUGS!

Bloemfontein area Elders

 Talented elder!

 It was very cold! The elders trying to get the heat to work in the church! It eventually warmed the room!

Look at these great elders checking scriptures, reading hymns! Impressive! It's a pleasure for me to get to chat with them while they are waiting for an interview with President Thompson!

Animals in Bloemfontein

These animals roam free around Bloemfontein

FHE - History of South Africa

We were privileged that this family came to give us a history of South Africa and how the history has prepared the way for the gospel and temple to be built here! It was fascinating and insightful. 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Port Dunford Missionaries

We were told that Richards Bay is the warmest in the mission. Wouldn't you know that on Sunday it happened to be one of the coldest days in that area. The church has no heat, and we were not prepared with warm outerwear. Needless to say, the warmth of the spirit carried us through the meetings. The members are so warm, kind, and strong in testimony! These great elders serve in this branch! We are so grateful for their work, diligence, and service!

Port Dunford Chapel

 Sacrament Meeting was unusually cold today, and no heaters!

 This young man was the chorister! He sang (with a beautiful voice) the first few notes of the songs, then lead the congregation since there is no accompaniment in any of the chapels we've visited. It is amazing at how beautiful the members sing out the hymns!

 The chapel is under the awning. These buildings (there were about four) are for classes.

The primary! They sang I Am a Child of God loud and clear! Beautiful!

Richard's Bay District

 Richard's Bay Chapel in Richard's Bay

Missionary interviews today 

Awaiting Interviews with President Thompson

President Thompson is spending a couple of weeks interviewing each missionary. These are at the Berea Chapel

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Mission Leadership Training #2 at the Mission Home Conference Room

Such valiant young men! Great leaders in the making!

The Moon in South Africa

The photos don't do justice. The moon looked the biggest I had ever seen. It was beautiful to see on our journey!

Mission Leadership Conference #1 in Bethlehem

So thankful to these fabulous missionaries for their service and great example. 
Thanks to the AP's for organizing this!
Amazing young men!