Friday, July 20, 2018

Sister Damon

Sister Damon is here!

We are so pleased to have another senior sister with us!

Thank you to our fabulous office couple for picking her up at the airport!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Becoming A Missionary in Lesotho


One of our Senior Sister Missionaries helped put together a special fireside for prospective missionaries. The fireside was conducted in all five districts.

The one below is in Maseru Lesotho

We are hoping to have at least 50 young men and women leave on missions from our districts

The fireside was uplifting and edifying as well as inspirational and informative!

 Panel of missionaries answering questions and talking about missions

 There were two firesides in Lesotho - this one is in the Maseru Chapel, and the other was in Leribe

Just look at this fabulous trio of Sisters! It has been a long time since the mission has had sister missionaries!  We will be receiving three more senior sisters in the next few weeks! What a blessing to have these wonderful women grace our mission!  The District President in Lesotho calls them the 
Three Musketeers!
Sisters Dent, Jenson, and Mcatee
We are so grateful you are here, Sisters!

Monday, July 16, 2018

Hillcrest & Durban Combined Zone Conference

 Combined Zone Conference with Hillcrest & Durban

We have several District Conferences within a few weeks of each other, and since President Thompson has to preside at each one of them - we ran out of days to hold Zone Conferences and had to combine these two fabulous Zones.

 Elders Russell (ZL), Jantjies, Pentz (ZL), and Simayile (AP)

 Elders Warner (ZL), LaHue, Hauck, Nichols, Ballif, Leishman, and Fullmer (AP)

 Elders Merritt (AP), Atkinson, Sala (AP)

 Elders Dos Santos, Deen

 We are blessed to have such fine Elders in this mission!

 Elder Warner (ZL) was powerful

 Elder Leishman taught us well

 Elder Penta (ZL) is a great teacher

 Elders Merritt (AP), Jantjies, LaHue, Simayile (AP), and Maughan

 Elders Lahue and Sala (AP)

 Front: Elders Pentz (ZL), Lopez-Palaez, Warner (ZL)
Elders Bodnar and Hinnen

 (Same as above)

 Elders Leckie, Maughan, Ballif, Walker, Christensen, Bennett

 Elder Leishman is power

 Elders Da Silva, Dos Santos, Deen, Mbangi, and Brown

Elders Deen, Atkinson, and Sala (AP)

Newcastle Zone Conference

Great Zone Conference in Newcastle

We are always so blessed to have such wonderful, spiritual, uplifting, and edifying conferences with ouro missionaries!

So proud of all of our wonderful Elders!

 Elders Miller, McCoy, and Abel

 Elder Harp (ZL) conducts

     Such a wonderful Zone

 Elder Roman instructed us

 Elder Miller teaches

 Elders McCoy and Abel also instructed us today (and Elder Miller)

 Elders Abel, Roman (we had Roman's Pizza!!!), and McCoy

 Such terrific young men!

 Elder Harp also taught

 Elder Ruben was powerful

Elder Kamara (ZL) taught as well

Bloemfontein Zone Conference

Zone Conference in Bloemfontein - July 2018

I was so sad that I could not be at some of our Zone Conferences due to work being done on the mission home.

President took these photos with his iPad! Thanks President!!!

 Elders Nuusa and Matlhankanyane

 The Bloemfontein Zone, including Elder and Sister Hicks

Having fun!

 Elder Menardin

Elder Morales

Walking and Bikinig

Our missionaries are now walking or biking instead of driving!

After much deliberation with security officers and church leaders, it is deemed more safe for missionaries to be on foot or to bike. Safety is first and foremost for our missionaries.

Missionaries will also take public transportation to get to longer distances.

Another change is the missionary schedule. Due to our missionaries walking or biking now, morning has become a prime proselyting time. After the first three weeks, our missionaries report that morning is surprisingly a really good time to teach!  

So proud of all of these wonderful young men!

 Elders Nuusa, Blamoh, Heindel and Motlhankanyane

 Some of our Elders will be riding bikes! Those areas are still to be announced!

 Elders Nuusa and Blamoh

 Elders Cobinah, Kumar, Pantoe, and Lowe

Because the Elders are no longer using cars, President will now have to go to each of their boardings (or see them at Zone Conferences) to conduct Mission President Interviews! Scheduling the logistics for these has become daunting, because President doesn't want to interfere with their appointments. As a consequence, President Thompson caters to their schedules and is sometimes going very early in the morning, or later at night, and oftentimes both. I'm glad he has a lot of stamina!!!

 One of our Phuta leaders - looking to find a place to hold church for Bluegombosch

Lesotho Zone Conference July 2018


 President Johns and Sister Jenson

 Elder Ostler, Brother, Elder Johnson

 Elder Ostler

 Elder Ah Sam

 Elder Homer

 Elder Moser

Sister Jenson