Sunday, December 24, 2017

Durban Zone Christmas


The Durban Zone went to an old folks home and shared a bit of Christmas through song, stories,uplifting messages, and they brought a cake to share.

Afterward the missionaries came to the Mission Home for lunch, more stories, a slide show, playing a game, and singing Christmas hymns.

 Love the interaction of our missionaries with these people!

 Group photo!

 Most of the people that live here are in wheelchairs

 A joyful audience.

 Waiting to sing after messages are given.

 Elder Homer (AP) helping one of the residents

 Elder Jantjies (AP) assisting as he always does!

 Mission home!

 Elde Pentz walking with this lady

 Elder Ruben is very helpful to this man

 Elder Sala helping this man back to his room

It was an amazing day and an amazing experience for the missionaries and those they brought a little light to!

Elders Huntington, Simomondo, Apie, Manyaka, Whiting, Ruben, Pentz. Pantoe, Heindel, Jantjies, Sala, Makavele, Dos Santos
Elders Trapnell, Homer, Liechty

Merry Christmas!!!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Elder Wright

President Thompson and I have been asked by Elder Creighton Wright's family to let our missionaries know that it is with heavy hearts, Elder Wright, has returned to live with our Heavenly Father. 

May he find peace. We loved him dearly, as I know many did. He will be greatly missed. 

Please remember his family in your prayers.

Elder Wright served a faithful mission and returned home to Utah in July.

We love you Elder Wright.

Richards Bay Christmas Event

Another fun and successful event in Richards Bay!

We watched the mission slideshow, talked about traditions, service, and the missionaries wrote a gift they plan to give the Savior for Christmas, and we had a lovely meal!

We also had a white elephant gift exchange, which was a lot of fun!

 Elder Ekirita

 Elder Abel

 Elder Harper

 Elder Collins

 We enjoyed a wonderful meal together!

 Elder Kamara

 Elder Lower (ZL)

 Elder Groesbeck

 Elder Matlhankanyane

 Elder Nuusa

 Elder Abel and Ekirita get a clean boarding award from Sister Collins!

 The missionaries are writing their gift to the Savior for Christmas

 White elephant gift exchange

Merry Christmas!!!

Friday, December 22, 2017

Hillcrest Zone Christmas Event

Another great event!

We experienced another great event with food, games, projects, and inspirational stories!

 Elder Harbertson (ZL)

 Elder Jeri (ZL)

 Sister Jenson

 Elder Chiromo

 Elder Dooley

 Elder Deen

 Elder Mulabe

 Elder Parisot

 Elder Jewkes

 Elder Petersen

 Elder Pantoe

 We underlined favorite scriptures in the Book of Mormon, then tied ribbon around it.
The missionaries received ten copies of the book, each, and will deliver them on Christmas morning! Can't wait to hear their experiences!

 Sister Petersen arranged for the delicious Christmas meal we shared together!
The Zone Leaders helped decorate the tables! Good job Elders!

 Underlining favorite scriptures in Book of Mormon gifts.

 Elder Jeri and President Thompson are having way too much fun cutting the ribbons!

 Elder Jewkes (AP) is a pro! 
 Here is what one looks like!

 Elders Harbertson (ZL), Jeri (ZL), Thompson

 Sister Petersen is awesome!!!

 We put ribbon on 180 books!

 Elder Jonga

 Elder Sibanda

 Elder Leckie


 Elders Jonga, Mshweshwe (AP)

 Elder Thompson

 Ready for lunch! 
Our missionaries are always so kind insisting that ladies go first to the buffet table!

 Car inspections with Elder Petersen

 This Zone chose soccer for their game! We have some amazing players!

Merry Christmas!