Monday, January 16, 2017


Would you walk 49 miles to hear Elder Bednar speak? How about 300 miles to turn in tithing?
Two young teenagers wanted desperately to hear Elder Bednar speak here in Africa. They only had the equivalent to $1 between them. Their aunt was concerned about them walking that far. Their response was "we are going to see an apostle of the Lord - we will be all right." And, they were.
Three men from a remote village carried tithing from their group of 15 members of the church and 20 investigators. Because they were not an official ward or branch, they could not hold sacrament meeting and partake of the sacrament, but they faithfully held Sunday School each week. District Conference was held every six months, and three of the men from the village carried the meager tithing for the equivalent of 300 miles. It took them 2-1/2 weeks. They stayed an extra week to partake of the sacrament the following Sunday, and then carried Books of Mormon in boxes on top of their heads for 300 miles back to their village.
These are only two out of many inspiring stories about the faithful members here.
I'm learning more and more about what true commitment means - and faithfulness. I genuinely love the people here. We have the privilege of meeting this caliber of people all the time. I feel like they are teaching me more than I could ever teach them! I am blessed to know them.

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