Wednesday, January 11, 2017


We had our first all zone MLC (Mission Leadership Council) meeting this year!
Because our mission is so spread out, we typically have three MLC's in different locations.
We tried bringing all zones together this time because we want our missionaries to become more unified as a mission, plus they can take all the same information given back to their zones! It's good to all be on the same page!!!

 We gathered around the conference table at the bunk house!
(The bunk house is a separate building from the mission home where we can accommodate up to 15 missionaries at one time. Because the beds are bunk beds, we call the building the bunk house. The conference table is on the second floor!)

 Our meeting lasted from 9:00 AM and went until 4:00 PM.  We had a lot to cover!

The things discussed in MLC were taken to Zone Conference!

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