Monday, January 30, 2017

Miracles Are Happening

Miracles are happening in South Africa! 

Missionaries are reporting record numbers of attendance at sacrament meetings and teaching appointments! 

One investigator family invited 11 of their friends to a teaching appointment last week. 

Missionaries in Leribe set a goal to have sixty people attend sacrament meeting by the end of the transfer (that's next week!) compared to the twelve attending. On Sunday they had only two pieces of bread to break for the sacrament for 66 people! The miracle was not only they had met their goal, but that everyone was able to participate in the ordinance.

A husband and wife attended church for the first time, and when the meetings were over, the wife asked her husband, "how do you know these people?" He turned to her and said, "how do YOU know these people?" They had never felt so welcomed and so at home before. They were recently baptized and said, "we are home, and here to stay."

One congregation has only a little over twenty people attend church over the past few months, but this week they had over 65 attend.

In another growing branch there were over 80 in attendance vs the typical 35.

Our missionaries are working hard! The spirit of the Lord is pouring down.


  1. I love reading this blog! Thank you!!!

  2. This is so great! I love that the work is exploding and the Elders and members are seeing success while working together.