Saturday, February 4, 2017

Common in South Africa

Here are some common words in South Africa different than what I'm used to:
small truck = bakki (bah-key)
BBQ = braai (bry)
trash = bin
trunk of car = boot
pleasant surprise = eish (ay-sh)
really? = isit
stop light = robot
you're welcome = pleasure
grandma = gogo
woman = ma
grandpa or father = baba
how are you? = howzit
french fries = chips
beef fillet = fillet (fill-it)
zucchini = marrow
bathroom = toilet room
napkin = serviette
diaper = napkin
beef jerky = billtong
When South Africans shake your hand, they reach one hand out, but use their other hand to balance their extended arm...this is a sign of respect.
Grocery stores are in all of the big malls. It's common to see grocery carts being pushed through the malls.
Driving here is on the left side of the road.
Almost every home and apartment has metal bars on windows, and metal gates in addition to front and back doors - they are called burglar bars!
The thing that surprised me most when we arrived 7 months ago is that most homes have high fences with sharp spiked tops, and an electric fence on top of that, or curled razor wires. At first it looked daunting, but I hardly notice it anymore!
Most South Africans are very well versed in the Bible.
A taxi here is a van-like bus. They fit at least fifteen people in them, and they seem to rule the roads here!
Lot's of people hitch hike. There are different hand signals to represent where the person wants to go!
People walk on freeways here!

Despite any differences of what I've been used to, I am loving the culture here! The people are extremely respectful and very articulate!

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