Friday, June 16, 2017

Elders Leaving June 2017

Transfer week is a series of lots of meals for
large groups. Generally, our missionaries help
make the breakfasts!

We will miss all of our missionaries going home,
but wish them the best and hope they keep
in contact with us!

 Elder Thorkelsen

 Elder Bennison

 Elder Adams leaving with his family!

 Departing Elders breakfast!

 Our Elders helping make breakfast!

 Time to pack up!

 Final goodbye from the bunkhouse!

 Arriving at the airport.

 Elder Bennison, Elder Doney, Elder Thorkelsen, Elder North

 Such a great smile!

 Elders Doney, Jones, Thorkelsen, Weiler, Bennison, North, Harper

 Elders Doney, North, Bennison, Weiler, Jones, Thorkelsen

 Elder Thorkelsens father meets up with him to take him home! Elder Doney & North

 Elder Thorkelsen

 Elder Doney

 Elder North

 Elder Doney leaving the bunkhouse

 Elder North leaving the bunkhouse

 Elder North and Doney at the airport

 Elder North and Doney
Elder Doney and North saying goodbye!
We will miss you!


  1. It's so surreal to think that the next group going home will be my boy! Thank you for your wonderful posts.

  2. Your son was at the mission home last night! He has been an extraordinary missionary! We will miss him when he leaves!