Friday, June 16, 2017

New Missionaries June 2017

Waiting at the airport for our new missionaries to arrive.
This is also transfer week! The busiest week in mission!
It starts with getting new missionaries, going to the temple site,
taking them to the office for orientation, interviews with President,
driving test (if they have a license), to the mission home for dinner
and testimony meetings - and finally their assigned location and
companion! Whew! That's just the first day!

 Elder Hansen, Elder DePriest are our assistants, and Elder Thorkelsen came
on the bus this morning because he will be one of our departing Elders going home!

 Elder Thorkelsen, we will miss you!

 Elder DePriest, one of our assistants!

 Elder Hansen, one of our assistants.

 The new signage at the airport! Love it!

 Here come our newest Elders!

 Elder Nuusa, Elder Bir, Elder Macapella

 Off we go!

 Stop at the temple site! Hopefully it will be done during the
time these three serve with us!

 Elder Nuusa

 Elder Macapella

 Elder Bir

 Elder DePriest, Elder Thorkelsen, Elder Hansen
Elder Macapella, Elder Bir, Elder Nuusa

Our new Elders are ready to do missionary work!

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