Friday, June 16, 2017

Departing Elders June 2017

Elder Adam's parents came to pick him up from Germany!
It's always fun to meet our missionaries family.

 Elder Adams and his parents

 Elder Thorkelsens father and grandfather came to pick him up.
They are from the U.S.

 Elder Adams and Elder Doney

 Elder Adams, Doney, Thorkelsen, & father Thorkelsen
After our departing dinner, we start our testimony meeting
with a hymn. 

 Elder North is first to express his testimony.

 Elder Thorkelsen expressed a powerful testimony.

 Elder Adams testimony is strong

 Elder Doney is a star! He brought the small Leribe branch
from sacrament attendance of about sixteen, to about 70 people in about 
three months! When he left was teaching a village of 42 people! Wow!

 Elder Bennison is dynamic!

 A closing hymn

 Grandma Thorkelsen, and Bro. and Sister Adams

 Our star missionaries!


 Elder North models typical Zulu clothes

 Elder Bennison is power!

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