Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Our First Batch of Missionaries!

We are so pleased to receive four new Elders to the mission. We waited with great anticipation at the airport for their arrival. We have spent a great day getting acquainted and helping them get situated in this great call to serve the Lord.  After picking them up at the airport, we went to the temple site where work has begun! Afterward, we went to the mission home for lunch. The group went to the mission office for orientation on driving, boardings, and other important mission information. They returned to the mission home where Sister Thompson instructed them regarding their role to maintaining good health and keeping safe. President Thompson discussed "our calling to invite people to come unto Christ - ONE BY ONE". And, the importance to love, read, ponder, pray, and teach the Book of Mormon. We are blessed to have these valiant young men serving the Lord in Durban!

Elder Jewkes from South Jordan, Utah 

Elder Gehlbach from Santa Clara, California

Elder Sibanda from Zimbabwe

Elder Trapnell from Mapleton, Utah

At the temple site Durban

Elder Mashava and Elder King, AP's

Arrived at the mission home

Getting instructions at the mission office

The office couples are so helpful in helping the new missionaries get established!

Clean up duty at the mission home after dinner! As one elder put it, we are family now! Love it!

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