Thursday, September 8, 2016

"Come, Come Ye Saints"

When we first arrived in South Africa, President Thompson was standing in line to get chicken at a fast food restaurant. The woman below (on the right) asked him about his missionary name tag. He asked if she had ever heard about the Book of Mormon. She said "no, but I know our church's song". She started singing "Come, Come Ye Saints". She and president sang the entire song in the middle of the restaurant (many of you know president can't sing on key, but he didn't care!). A radio station in South Africa, heard by over 8 million people, plays that song by the Tabernacle Choir as it signs off the air each night. She agreed to see the missionaries. Besides the missionaries, we have been to her house, and she is pictured below at the mission home.

She shared some fascinating stories about her childhood. She was very close with her father. When he passed away, she and her siblings went to gather his belongings and found that everything he owned fit into a small grocery bag. One pair of shoes, a shirt, and a suit was all. She said that she didn't remember ever feeling deprived, and all four of her siblings went to college. She realizes now that her father must have sacrificed a lot for his family. We are praying that she and her family will be baptized. We love her, her daughter, and granddaughter. 

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