Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Collins Are Here!

We are so thrilled that the Collins are here with us in Durban. Unfortunately, President Thompson got very ill and we were not able to pick them up at the airport. However, the Sorensen's ventured through a rain storm and picked them up. We can't wait to meet this fabulous couple (as soon as President gets better!)

 Welcome to Durban!

It's a very long flight from the United States. From Salt Lake, and with layovers about 24 hours!

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  1. Just found your blog, and I recently got in contact with an inactive member who I taught on my mission in South Africa. He is living in Durban now, his name is Neuwe Motlokoa. He is a dear friend, and would love to get in contact with missionaries again. He said the ward he is supposed to attend, which is the Queensburgh ward, doesn't have any missionaries assigned? I would love to email you his address and possibly get some missionaries out to visit him and introduce him to some of the members in the ward. When I asked if I could get in contact with missionaries to come and visit him, he simply said, "please."I submitted a request for him through the meet with the missionaries link on, but would also love to give you his information and a little more details via email if you have a minute to email me. Thanks so much! I love South Africa and I loved my mission there many years ago. Bless you for your service to these good people!