Sunday, November 13, 2016

New Elders Depart

When we picked up Elder Jantjies at the airport his, his suitcase was missing. After two attempts at going back to the airport it was found! Yay! Good thing because he has been assigned to serve in the country of Lesotho!

 Elder Sorensen (from the office), drove a couple of the Elders to Lesotho. If they'd traveled by bus, it's at least a 12 hour trip, but by car it's about 6-7 hours. The two missionaries outside the van were dropping off other Elders - this is at 4:45 AM!!!

 Departing to their assigned areas!

Best wishes with your trainers and areas!


  1. Thank you for posting the pictures. It is great to see Elder Merritt!!

  2. It's a pleasure! We are grateful to have such fabulous missionaries!

  3. I copied some of the pictures that you posted of Elder Merritt and put them on a blog. I have had friends and family ask how he is doing so it will be nice to show them what he has been up to. It looks like you are taking good care of all the kids!

  4. Yes, feel free to copy any of the photos you want. I would love to see your blog if you want to share. Thank you for your kind words. I love these missionaries!