Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Weavers of Lesotho

We visited a group of weavers in Lesotho! Not only did we see some amazing tapestries, but we were entertained.

 The building where the weavers work is made entirely of soda pop cans!

 The inside wall.

 Everyone loves Nicole!

 This amazing tapestry is of Joseph Smith's first vision! They put a sketch behind the yarn and weave using the drawing as a guide! Amazing!

 This woman pulls bunches of lamps wool from a bag, brushes it, and spins the yarn.

 These women are master artists in weaving tapestries!

Before leaving, these women broke into song and dance. In their native language they sang us a blessing, or religious song as we departed. Amazing!

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  1. See cool information my missionary left out. I got pictures of the outside of the building. hahha