Friday, August 5, 2016

Zone Conference #3 Pinetown

Pinetown concludes this round of zone conferences. It has been a feast of learning, edification, and spiritual renewal. I continue to be in awe of these valiant missionaries. They are bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the good people of South Africa. So many people are ready to receive the messages of hope and love that comes from our Savior, and these young men are His messengers. It's a pleasure to be a part of this work, and an honor.

 Book of Mormon game! This is Elder Larsen's last zone conference!

 What would we ever do without the great couple missionaries?! Love them and appreciate them so much!

 Elder Larsen's last testimony at zone conference!

 Some of our missionaries came by way of taxi! It was a three hour drive one way! 

 Thanks Elders for your commitment, service, and sacrifice!

 We have the most amazing missionaries!

Thanks Elder Roberts for your wisdom, testimony, and great example to all of us at zone conference! Your enthusiasm for the gospel is contagious! The missionaries love you and Sister Roberts! Thank you for all that both of you do for the mission and the missionaries.

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