Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Dinner!

A big thank you to Sister Roberts who hired the caterers for our dinner! And another big thank you to Sister chandler for making these beautiful table centerpieces!

 So creative!

 Standing in line for food!

 Healthy foods first! 

 Lots of fabulous faces!

 The caterers!

 Bon Appetit!

 Our gift to the missionaries! 

In addition to a tie given my President and myself, the Elders got hygiene kits from the office! It included an individual thermometer, deodorant, shaving cream, a razor, soap, toothpaste, and toothbrush! These items always come in handy!

After our time in the gym, we moved into the cool chapel. The Assistants showed the video of various photos of our missionaries from throughout the year.

After that, we had our Back to Bethlehem Program! I can't believe how fabulous it all went without a single rehearsal.  I made certain that every Elder was invited to participate!

Another big thank you to the senior couples for the unexpected Christmas gifts. We are definitely spoiled to have such wonderful people to work with!

It was another fabulous party! If I haven't said it enough, we LOVE these young men!

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