Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Yay! Lesotho Elders finally made it! They had been delayed by traffic at the border!
They performed a missionary original: A Sorensen Tribute
President recorded the song, and we are trying to figure out how to upload the song which is only 50 minutes long! Stay tuned as we try to figure it out!
The song was about Elder Sorensen, who just left Durban to return home with his wife after serving here as one of our office couples.

 Elder Schraedel played a duet with Sister Roberts! It was fabulous! I will never forget how it set the mood for Christmas! It was upbeat and fun! Bravo!

 These Elder's sang a Christmas song to a different tune....they did such a good job that I remember thinking, it should be recorded!

 Their Christmas hymn turned into a rap!

Elder Varner is our magician! Unfortunately, his trick went awry! He slammed his hand down on two nails that were hidden under one of ten Styrofoam cups.

More talent!

Elder and Sister Rhodes serve in Ladysmith. They sing beautifully!

This Elder showed extreme talent as he invited members of the audience to call out a chapter in the Book of Mormon.  He was able to describe the chapter with a brief summary. That is an amazing memory!

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