Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Party Games

The missionaries are playing penny hockey, and a stack the coin game. Afterward, they played a competitive game by blowing into a straw to move a cotton ball to a certain place without it falling off the table.

 The missionaries threw cotton balls into muffin tins full of candy. If the cotton ball landed in one of the cups, they got to keep the treat. 

 Missionaries divided into four teams. They started with a wreath on their head. The goal is to relay the wreath to a team member and transfer it without using hands!

 Another relay is to swish balloon using a wrapped present across the room to a team member who does the same! First team done, wins!

 The goal of this game is to get from one side of the room to the other! The trick is, no one can use the same means to get there. 

 Mission accomplished!

Another song, and a few more back to back games!


  1. Thank you Sister Thompson!! What a fun party!!

  2. You made the Christmas party so fun! Thank you and Merry Christmas!