Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Scenes of South Africa

President Thompson traveled most of the mission last week (I was sick and stayed home!). 
He took these photos along his journey as he met with our missionaries!  

Almost everywhere you see gates, barbed wire, and electric fences!

 Townships are everywhere! People live very modest lives! There is a strong sense of community in these townships.

 No fancy carriers for babies here! Most women tie their children on their backs with a blanket! The weight of the baby keeps it secure somehow!

 Selling apples!

 Laundry hangs to dry! People of South Africa always seem to have very clean and well-pressed clothes! And the women have beautiful styled hair! Despite their humble homes, they look very nice!

 This is between Phutiditjhaba and Bethlehem.

Dresses for sale by a street vendor.

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