Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Getting Ready to Leave

No President didn't really punch Elder Knight to give him those two shiners and skinned up nose - he accidentally fell when hiking. Luckily, nothing broken!

 Some of the new Elders companions came to get them. Others will travel by bus today.

 The Elders are jumping for joy to start teaching the gospel.

 Elder Harris' companion and trainer, Elder Jones!

 Elder Thompson's companion and trainer is Elder Sibanda!

 A little basketball before leaving.

 Elder Christensen's companion and trainer is Elder Pinkston.

 Elder Russell's companion and trainer is one of our English Elders,  Elder Pentreath.


  1. Thank you! I love all these pictures. What a wonderful group of men. Happy Momma

  2. Glad you like the pictures. They are indeed a great group! We are very proud of them. I love it when some of them call me mom!!!