Wednesday, October 5, 2016

New Missionaries at the Mission Home

After spending a full day of at the mission office for orientation regarding driving, housing, and other things, the missionaries gather at the mission home for a special dinner and testimony meeting. And then, they are assigned their companions and areas. They spend the night in the separate bunk house before venturing out the next day.

 The missionaries sing a hymn.

 We are eating chicken curry and rice, vegetables, salad, rolls, samoosas, and chocolate cake.

 Prior to testimony meeting, we go over some planning for the next day.

 The missionaries are eager to find out their companions and areas!


  1. THANK YOU FOR POSTING ALL THESE PICTURES! I may hv cried a little as these are the first pics I've seen of my Elder Harbertson in 3 weeks! Thank you!!❤️

  2. You are welcome. It's not always easy for missionaries to post photos and I know families like seeing them. I try to post as many as possible and keep families updated. We are thrilled to have your son here!

  3. Even though my son, Elder B, has been in the Durban mission over a year, I am SO, SO grateful to see pictures of him on this blog. Thank you so much for posting them! What an amazing place to be serving!!