Thursday, October 27, 2016

Lesotho Orphanage/School

On our way back to Durban from Lesotho we stopped at this school/orphanage. It is unclear whether it is an orphanage as we were told the last time we visited that it was, but this time someone said it was just a school. Despite that, it is a fun place to visit as the children are mesmerized by Nicole and her blonde hair. We are excited to visit at least one more time before Nicole returns to the states after Christmas to attend BYU - so proud of her!

 Nicole loves playing with the children, and they love playing with her!

 I asked this lady if Nicole and I could read to the children next time we visit - she was thrilled at the suggestion! Can't wait. The cute girl on the end is the granddaughter of our missionary couple living in Lesotho. She was visiting with her father,

 Nicole teaching the children to play the game of "Simon Says"

President Thompson captures the children's attention and plays a game with them.


  1. I have a niece at BYU who is a freshman and my other niece is going in January (after 1.5 years at BYU-Hawaii and a mission). That's so exciting for Nicole!!

  2. She is very excited and we are thrilled for her. Do you know where your nieces are living?