Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Zone Conference #2

Our second zone conference was held at the Pinetown Chapel. The missionaries were very engaging and attentive throughout the conference. 

 Pizza is a highlight!

 Two zones attended this conference!
 Our Richard's Bay Zone had to travel about two hours to join us.

 Our Elders offer great exuberance toward missionary work!


  1. Was he sassing you in that one picture?

  2. We love Elder North's sense of humor. He posed in all of the photos of him - he seems to know when his photo will be taken so he can offer a playful pose! Despite the goofiness, he is an amazing and effective missionary! He is really working hard - I'm very proud of him, as I'm sure you are as well!

    1. We are proud of him and thankful for his service and his example.