Friday, February 17, 2017


I've been without internet for a week - and making up for it today!
These are scenes from our drive to Bethlehem, and from Bethlehem to Newcastle!
So pretty! There is a variety of mountains and flat lands - but everything is very green due to the rain we've had this summer!

 A potato field. 
The tractor plows the potatoes and the workers gather them and place them in the canvas bags!

 A beautiful church in the town of Clarens.

 Driving along we saw this baboon. We stopped to take photos as he was eating something from the grass.

 Beautiful countryside

 I think this is a Wildebeest! There were several roaming wild.

 This baboon hopped up on the sign as we drove up next to it!

 We visited a Basuto village. This is the chief welcoming us.

 This is the medicine hut. Herbs are growing to the left. A medicine man has a bag with trinkets. He dumps them in your hand. You blow on the trinkets and drop them onto a mat. From the way they land, he reads your health and then treats you with herbs. There are still medicine men today. It takes two years of being an apprentice.

 Some of the more modern day houses.

 These types of fences around the circular huts were for privacy.

 These types of blankets are common to these people. Today, you still see many of the shepherds and people wearing blankets like these draped around their clothes.

 A wild herd of Zebra!

 We opened our hotel room to this beautiful creature.

 Windmills like these are common here.

 Beautiful sunflower fields.

 The clouds here are spectacular - and you can see them forever!

 Lots of corn fields!

We see these birds frequently - they are black and have very long tail feathers. The odd thing is they hover for a long time in one place! I've started calling them hover birds!!!

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