Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The New Madadeni 3 Branch

The Madadeni 3 Branch was just created! We had the opportunity of attending the new branch on Sunday, and being asked to speak. President and I often get asked to speak wherever we attend church.

 Sacrament Meeting is held through those doors of this school. One of our missionaries!

 Our missionaries who serve this branch.

 The children were sitting reverently several minutes before the meeting.
There is no piano to accompany the hymns, but the women in the audience will take turns singing the first measure of the music to get the key, and the conductor counts 1-2-3 and the congregation starts singing! Even this congregation of nearly 50 people would put any Utah ward to shame with their loud, vibrant voices and harmony. It's amazing!

 Classes were held in different classrooms at this school.

 This man just got called to be the Elders Quorum President.

 President meets a couple of the young men.

 A discussion was held regarding the oath and covenant of the priesthood. The one in the middle said he had it memorized.

 The newly called Elders Quorum President, and the Branch President.

Getting a drink of water!

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