Friday, February 17, 2017

Zone Conference Newcastle

The Zone Leaders were in charge of Zone Conference, from assigning speakers to topics, to writing the agenda! They did a fabulous job and we learned a lot.
We always start with a song!

 Almost every speaker had the missionaries do role playing! A very effective way to teach certain principles.

 Teaching in the Saviors Way was our theme for the conference.

 The Newcastle Zone is fantastic!

 We are blessed with some fantastic missionaries!

 One of our Zone leaders!

 President Brown talking with our missionaries!

 I asked the missionaries if they wanted to get ice-cream at McDonalds! (President's favorite! - not McDonalds food, he loves McDonalds ice-cream!!!)
Guess what we did after Zone Conference?

 Everyone says a resounding yes to getting ice-cream.

 We didn't know that one of our church members works at McDonalds! Always fun to run into someone from the church!

 Some of our missionaries had a long drive home - we decided to give them a budget and they could get what they wanted!

 Our church member that works at McDonalds took me aside and told me that when President and I spoke at the first District Conference, he took President's invitation to read the Book of Mormon everyday. He loved doing it! At the last District Conference President invited everyone to think of someone they knew (a church member) that was not there, and to invite them back to church. Willy said he had two friends that were less active - one of them he did not get along with. But, he went to visit both of these young men and invited them back to church! He was glad he listened to the promptings of these two, because they both are coming back to church! He said he was grateful for President's invitations!

 One of our missionaries getting information from a McDonalds patron to teach!

 No one went home hungry!

 The missionaries sang a couple of hymns and the workers danced, clapped, and the high pitched yelp that is common in Zulu culture!  The missionaries gave out two Book of Mormon's and got five referrals while at McDonalds!

 Time to say goodnight!

President and I love all these young men!
It was a good Zone Conference from morning until evening!


  1. Aww, I love seeing bonus pictures of my boy. It is fun to see the work in action, and at McDonald's no less! Thank you!

  2. Sister Moore - I love when parents comment on the blog! President Thompson and I had an amazing experience on Friday with your son and his companion. We had the privilege of going to teach with them (a Pastor and his wife), who have declared they want to join the church. It was an amazing experience. It's very special to see the missionaries teach - it is so evident by the way your son and his companion answered questions that they were inspired and knew just what to say. It will be a treasured memory for me!

  3. I heard this was a wonderful conference from our son. Thank you for all the pictures and narrative. We are so thankful for you and President Thompson!

    1. Elder Harris is a star! I enjoyed spending a little time with him during the Bethlehem Conference, and a few days later in Newcastle!

  4. Thank you so much for loving my son and seeing that he gets his special gluten free diet �� Elder Parisot is my sweet boy. Your blog is wonderful.

  5. Elder Parisot is doing great! Such a sweet young man!

  6. Elder Lowe's letter this week talked so much about Zone Conference and how much he enjoyed it!! He loves learning from President Thompson and the things he learns to become a better missionary! He draws a lot of strength from you both!
    Thank you for all that do for our son and the other Elders- this blog is such a treat to us back home and we so appreciate the photos and updates!