Monday, April 24, 2017

A Pastor and His Wife

This former pastor and his wife were baptized just a few
weeks ago!

President Thompson and I had the privilege
of going with the missionaries to one of
their teaching appointments at the home of
this wonderful couple. He was a pastor that
felt as if there was something missing! He
obtained a pass-a-long card and called the number
on the back where you can get a free
Book of Mormon. Two missionaries delivered
the book and started teaching. When President and
I went to their home, the gentleman announced that
he knew the church was true and there was no denying
it! He was eager to tell his congregation, but did
not want them to follow him, just to follow him. He
would take them pamphlets and share what he found
to be true, and would encourage them to seek the missionaries!
His wife had some very difficult questions that night.
I was so impressed with the strong spirit that guided our
young missionaries to answer with some of the most
profound answers I've ever heard! The spirit truly does
work through these young men - no doubt! This man and
his wife announced to their congregation at Easter that they had joined
the church!  His son, who is living a couple of hours away, is also
being taught by the missionaries!  

I am convinced there are many
miracles happening in preparation for the temple that is being
built here! It is such a blessing to be part of this important work of
bringing happiness, joy, peace, and comfort through the gospel of Jesus
Christ to the people of South Africa! I'm convinced that many are prepared
and ready to receive the gospel here! 

One of our couple missionaries
told us that they not only pray for the missionaries to find 
people to teach, but that they pray for the people to find the
missionaries! President and I have adopted this into our prayers as well.
We've seen more miracles as a result in the last month - well over
50 investigators just showed up at the various wards and branches,
without invitations from the missionaries! It is continuing! 


  1. Love this. So thankful my son is having these great experiences.

    1. You probably know that your son was one of the missionaries that taught them! Very powerful!

    2. Yes, I'm sure it will be one of his most cherished memories.

  2. Thank you for sharing! That gave me goosebumps! What amazing strong work is going on in South Africa.