Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Durban Zone Conference

Our Zone Conferences always starts with a leadership
meeting first. Zone and District leaders counsel together.
Elder Trapnell gave us a lot of food for thought as he
discussed respect vs. love. Can we have one independent
of the other? Is one better than the other? How can
we have both? These were just a few questions we

 Elder Simonson then instructed us using a wonderful
quote by President Hinckley. He incorporated the things
we are doing well in the mission, and the things we could
use improvement. It was very instructive and enlightening.

 Getting ready for the conference to begin.

 Our missionary couple fed us Krispy Kreme doughnuts and
juice boxes before the meeting began.

 We have talented missionaries!

 Cleanest boarding awards!

 Only one birthday this month! Happy birthday Elder Chiromo.

 This clever monkey managed to open the door to the church 
twice after we started our meeting. And, helped himself to a

 Elder Hoopes instructs us. 

 Elder Merritt offered a beautiful testimony.

 Elder Takau, one of our assistants, offered several

 Elder Hoopes, one of our Zone Leaders, was in charge
of this Zone Conference.

 Elder Mnisi has a gentle manner.

 Elder Chiromo has a contagious smile.

 Elder Harp is rock solid.

 Elder Simonson and Elder Dean.

 Elder Trapnell offered great comments.

 Elder Sithole is our other Zone Leader - they did a great job
leading our conference.

 Elder Ruben offered a wonderful testimony.

 Elder Vaughn is insightful.

 Elder Huntington is remarkable.

 This is Elder Ngulube's last round of Zone Conferences.

 Yes, everyone is pointing at me!  I LOVE these missionaries!

 These missionaries are on their 24th month of mission.

 Elder and Sister Wood made our lunch a big hit!
They got chicken burritos from a Mexican restaurant
(which might be the only one in all of South Africa!).
It was amazing! 

A special musical number! Yes, we are blessed to
have so many talented missionaries!

The conference was a huge success. The spirit was 
strong, and we were all uplifted, and our hearts
changed to do better! We are so proud of these
young men!


  1. After the week he had, its great to see him smiling. :). Also, clean boarding award? Who is he and what have you done with my son? Ha. Love that boy.

    1. Haha! Love your comment! We love Elder Moore! It's so wonderful to be around these young missionaries and watch how powerful they are in changing peoples lives!

  2. I love seeing pictures of Elder Hoopes! I love seeing him teach. He recently sent an email that said that his mission has taught him to truly love people and see them as God does. He has loved watching the spirit come into their lives and seeing the change in them.

    1. That is wonderful that Elder Hoopes is having those experience we hope for all our missionaries! He is doing a fantastic job! We love and appreciate him a lot!

  3. Wow. What flashback memories! Thx for sharing. We are glad they have relaxed the blog moratorium we had. It's a good way for some families to keep in touch. Loved seeing the NewCastle building again. Any update on the temple completion? Regards, Jim and Reenie
    Von Stetten- President SADM 2010-2013

    1. The walls of the temple are up! It's projected that September 2018 we should see completion depending on everything goes according to plan.

  4. Thank you for the pictures. We were so excited to see our Elder Harp and glad to see he is still smiling.