Sunday, April 2, 2017

A Zulu Wedding

We had the honor of attending a Zulu wedding!

 Sister Rhodes, Sister Brown, and I waiting for the ceremony!

 Typical Zulu ceremonial attire.

 Parents of the groom! He is the President of
the Dundee Branch. She wears a beautiful
handmade shawl over her shoulders as part
of the wedding ceremony.

 Zulu warriors.

 Sister of the bride helps present a beautiful blanket by the
bride's family to the groom's mother.

 The women are sitting around a wooden chest filled
with the personal belongings of the bride. The ceremony
takes place in a large open field.

 The groom must pay lobola for the bride (cows are given to the 
bride's family demonstrating that he is prepared to take care of her)

 The older gentleman on the left is the grandfather of the bride.
He negotiates with the groom and is guaranteed cows as payment.


 The grandfather does a traditional dance.

 The bride does a traditional dance.

 A traditional veil of beads. (I don't know what she has in her mouth?)

 Taking videos.

 The groom looks very happy.

 The groom and bride dance.

 The groom's parents.

A cow is slaughtered as part of the traditional wedding
ceremony, and these traditional foods are cooked along
with the cow.


  1. Wow thanks for sharing these traditions with us!!! So amazing to see.

  2. So cool to see! Thank you for sharing!!

  3. This is so fascinating! My son is Elder Homer. I also have an older son serving in the Botswana/Namibia mission (both sons reported the same day for their missions). I mentioned to my older son that you had posted some fascinating pictures of a traditional Zulu wedding, and he said that his current companion is from the same branch as the groom's family! So his companion had shown him pictures too. He also had met the younger Elder Homer (in your mission) while on a mini mission in Durban! It's fun to make these connections! :-)

    1. I love hearing these connections! Thank you for sharing! We love Elder Homer. We spent the entire day with him yesterday at Zone Conference! He conducted and he is one of our youngest Zone Leaders! It is because he has incredible leadership capabilities! I just posted photos of our conference, so you'll be able to see some photos of him! Love him and appreciate his dedication to the gospel and serving as a faithful missionary!