Saturday, April 22, 2017

Couple's Conference

We were able to see giraffe, zebra, rhino, hippo, alligator,
impala, nyala, cape buffalo, wildebeest, and some
interesting birds on our game drive.

 We left so early for our game drive, that we stop to
eat a breakfast that was packed for us!

 Lunch line!

 We visit a Zulu compound and learn a lot about the
Zulu culture and labola (labola is where a man must
pay cows in order marry a young woman).

 We learned that when a young man turns
about 16, he builds a hut where he can
sleep apart from the rest of the family.

 This hut is used as an ancestral hut - meaning,
that when a family member has a problem, they
can go inside to talk to their ancestors.

 Ancestors are a very important part of the Zulu culture.

 A spear to slaughter a cow!

 A final meeting to wrap up our conference. We also
conclude with a testimony meeting!

 The Van Uitert's

 The Wood's

 The Brown's

 The Petersen's

 The Dransfield's

 The Rhodes

The Collins

 The Porter's

 President Johns

The entire group!

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  1. I have been so grateful to many of these couples that have kept an eye on Nick! What a blessing they are!!