Sunday, May 21, 2017


President Thompson and I landed in Bloemfontein and immediately
drove to Thaba Nchu (ta-bon-chew) to meet with our four Elders
living there. It is approximately an hour from the airport, but it's
interview time , and we wanted our Elder's to be able
to save their miles for missionary work, so we went to them!

We were almost there, but an accident prevented us from taking 
the highway. We were diverted to a parallel dirt, single lane road, through an
open field, that had become two lanes! Whew! 

 Detour to a single land dirt road!

Single lane becomes two-way road!

 We finally arrive in Thaba Nchu!

 The reason we came!

 Even after our meeting with the Elders and taking them
to lunch, the accident had not cleared. We had to take
another diversion on the way back to Bloemfontein!

 On our way back we drive through Botchabello, and
these women are selling hats and shoes along the roadside.

It is typical to see men cooking meat along the streets!

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