Thursday, May 4, 2017

New Assistants

We have four new assistants this transfer!

 Elder DePriest

 Elder DePriest and Elder Weiler

 Elder Weiler

 Elder Hansen

 Our three outgoing Assistants and four incoming with President

 These four new Assistants will be powerful!

 Elder DePriest, Elder Hansen, Elder Jones

 For one week we had seven Assistants to the President.

 Elder Dean is going to finish his mission proselyting.

 Elder Ngulube finished his mission and went home today!
We will miss him.

 Elder Takau is going to serve in Lesotho - he is power!

 Elder Jones and Elder Hansen will be traveling Assistants!

 Elder Hansen is a star missionary!

Elder Hansen and Elder Jones will travel the
mission to teach and train as part of their duties
to the President!

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