Thursday, May 4, 2017

Our Newest

We have new missionaries!

 Elder Sala and Elder Ekirita

 We have dinner at the mission home.

 The Assistants explain the mission area's to our newest Elders.

 They use the mission map to describe the area.

 The Assistants keep the missionaries in suspense as they
await their assigned areas.

Elder Sala will go to Phutaditjaba, and Elder Ekirita will go to Newcastle.
We are so glad to have them here!


  1. My grandson will soon be one of your new missionaries and I read your blog with great interest attempting to see the love and concern you have for our boys. I am so glad to say it is always there! May the Lord bless each of you for your efforts and as you pray mightily, guide your actions. Elder Jewkes grandma.

    1. I'm so happy to get your note! I'm glad you enjoy the blog! We indeed love these young men - we are blessed! We look forward to having your grandson. We have another Elder Jewkes from Salt Lake that is here - maybe they are related? I can assure you that we will take very good care of your grandson. He's coming to a wonderful place to serve! Sister Thompson